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The Thief’s Sin
by J.T. Williams
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 8.31.2019

Epic Fantasy
Dark Fantasy

Page Count: 29 Pages


Love knows no bounds.

Two rival thieves guilds fight for control over a holy scroll of magic. For Millia, the leader of one of the guilds, this is her last chance to secure a life for her and her love. When a deadly attack sends them fleeing for their lives, they hold on to their hope in one another…

 Millia just has to get to the coast. But when a genie appears demanding the scroll and she refuses, he casts a spell on them.

Waking in a world torn asunder, Millia and her love must escape the island before its imminent destruction but their old enemy has been hunting them and their escape will not be as easy as the hope.

Sabetha’s Review:


Another fun read by the master of “building up characters just to take them away from you later”. This quick novella explores a pivotal event in Millia’s life. It left me wanting to learn more about her, and find answers to the questions that arose in this neck of the woods, so to speak.

Millia & Resa are faced with the impossible, and it was an emotional coaster to follow them on this small adventure.

Stand alone story, don’t need to have read in the Dwemhar universe to enjoy this tale.
Also, LGBTQ+ characters are well done.

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