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The House Without A Summer
by DeAnna Knippling
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: No
Publication Date: 3.2.2020

British Horror Fiction
Historical Fiction

Page Count: 232 Pages


The last thing Marcus wants to do is be responsible for Penderbook; he wants only to spend the rest of his life playing cards, drinking, and seducing other men’s wives. But even the responsible life of an heir escapes from his grasp, as his brother’s body disappears, his father turns violent, and pale monsters horrify the countryside.

A tale of gothic, cosmic horror.

Sabetha’s Review:


I’ll admit, I picked this book up because of it’s cover. It gave me a Cthulhu vibe, that I thought would fill the book as well. So if that is why you’re also thinking about reading this book, I will just state here at the beginning, Cthulhu isn’t in this book, or any creature of the likes. 

With that being said, the story does have a very Lovecraft vibe going on leaving me with a ‘the real monster is always men/humans’ message as my final thoughts.

The story takes place in 1816 with flash forwards to the late 1800’s, and the dialogue and actions of the characters all draw you into that time period very well. I enjoyed the format, timeshifts, and POV shifts. They added to the unsettling nature of the tale.

I wrap up was a bit lackluster for me, or I guess didn’t really work/wasn’t foreshadowed well? But I did love the flash forwards, they really tied the whole story together well.

I received this book via Hidden Gems Books

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