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The Dwarven Guardian
by JT Williams
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 3.18.2017

Coming of Age

Page Count: 68 Pages


Shadows surround the dwarf kingdom of Harrodarr and war rages at its gateway. A siege has forced the dwarven army into a dangerous last stand and the outlook is grim for all within the mountain. But there is a chance for hope if they can grasp it fast enough.

Nurocas is a Hammersong, one of the most elite of dwarven warriors renown for his fierceness on the battlefield. But now he has a new charge. A dwarf boy, chosen by their gods, must be escorted to a hidden refuge in the Far North. But they will be hunted by enemies both ethereal and of mortal blood. A genocide is rampant and all not of the blood of men are to be killed without mercy.

Nurocas must move quickly to get the boy to safety but he will soon learn the world is far worse than even the dwarves understand and no one can be trusted.

Jess’ Review:


Really good background information to the Dwemhar world books. I followed along really well during most of the book. Slightly lost myself at the end when I started the Rogues of Magic tale, as I forgot I was going back in time! I liked the characters and the interaction each had with the others. The stories were swift and catching and made me want to jump right back into Ranger of Taria. The world is large and beautiful, if dangerous and I’m excited to continue to explore it!

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