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The Dark Lord Bert
by Chris Fox
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 2.15.2019


Page Count: 214 Pages


How does a 1-hit-point goblin become the Dark Lord?

By accident. Bert is a tiny goblin with big dreams. He follows adventurers, and loots the copper they leave behind when they take the real loot. One day, Bert hopes, he’ll have enough copper to buy a warg, and finally promote from a 1-HP critter to a Warg Rider.

Kit is a typical gamer hoping to enjoy a good story, but her friends are more interested in rules, loot and experience. Kit’s friends Crotchshot, Brakestuff, and the White Necromancer rampage their way across the land desperately seeking the Dark Lord trope, which gives the wielder the power to reshape the world.

When Bert accidentally steals the trope, Kit is forced to make a choice. Should she help her friends, or help a new Dark Lord rise to power?

The world will never be the same. Get ready for The Dark Lord Bert.

Sabetha’s Review:


Super adorable book, and I so hope there is going to be another one!

The Dark Lord Bert pokes fun at all that we love and hate about gaming. Very light on the LitRPG, but I think that was purposeful. It wouldn’t have been as great of a book if it had been heavy on that aspect. I loved all the references, and re-imagining of characters. A quick fun read for anyone that enjoys gaming, nerd stuff, and fantasy. (and can see the humor in those that take it a tad too seriously. 😛 )

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