The Dark Lord Bert 2
by Chris Fox
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 1.31.21

Humorous Fantasy

Page Count: 191 Pages

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How Does a 1 Hit Point Dark Lord Save the Real World?

Kit and her friends are gamers, but not the ordinary kind. It seems that Track Jick was right, and that people who play roleplaying games really are wizards and witches. Kit’s game master uses a magical die to transport them to an alternate world where they can really become their characters, and forget all about the real world.

Unfortunately, during a power scuffle the d20 gets knocked into the game world. If they can’t get it out then the game world will explode, and everything in it will die. Worse, to Kit’s mind, their parents will be disbarred, and they’ll never be able to play again.

Enter one tiny goblin with just a single hit point, but a heart large enough to save a fake world…if he can reach the d20 before the Dark Lord White 2.0. Along the way Bert will meet his fellow dark lords, and finally learn magic. Plus Boberton gets very large indeed.

Sabetha’s Review:


These books are so hilariously adorable.

I LOVE Bert, so glad this book ended the way it did. Bert deserves adventure.

With this installment we get a bigger peak into the ‘real world’, which leave so many questions on the table as it’s not your average group of kids playing a role playing game.

Plus we get to check back in with Bert and the gang, exploring more of the game world and meeting a many new friends. It’s very apparent that Chris Fox has a love for games, and media. His personal love for nerdy things, shines through every page.

There are so many Easter eggs in this book, I can’t even imagine how many I missed since I am not a gamer. Hilarious read, you’ll love it if you play DnD or WoW with a group of friends.

Can’t wait for the next book!

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