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by J.T. Williams
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 2.19.2017

Norse Myths & Legends
Epic Fantasy
Young Adult

Page Count: 103 Pages


Valrin was born of the sea, or so he was always told. Orphaned on a desolate island, he knows nothing of his true past and wonders of his future. . . until the unexpected arrival of a mysterious ship changes everything.

For a fleeting moment, he feels like he might have an answer to everything and then his life is suddenly ripped apart. The one person that loved him is killed protecting him and a wanted sea-captain and his misfit crew become the only hope Valrin has. If he is to survive the coming darkness, he must learn who he truly is.

But there is someone that will hunt him. Someone that will want him dead to the prevent the mere chance of what he could become. He has a destiny to unlock but will he get there before he is destroyed?

Sabetha’s Review:


I’ve read The Rogue Elf of Urlas: Songs of Shadow, and Ranger’s Folly, so when I saw Valrin & Fadis in this book it got me feeling giddy!

This quick novella sets up the framework for what is looking to be an epic journey. The World of the Dwemhar is expansive in books and lore, so this book is no different in giving us a new glimpse of the world through a different characters eyes.

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