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Siege of Shadows
by JA Andrews
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 4.10.2019

Epic Fantasy
Sword & Sorcery 

Page Count: 510 Pages


Can Sini keep her past from destroying everyone’s future?

Sini has finally found a family with the Keepers.

After escaping from a childhood on the street and years of slavery, Sini’s new life as a Keeper should be idyllic. But she can’t shake the feeling she just doesn’t belong.

Not only because she’s the first female Keeper in centuries. Her magic is too different to be useful. And Lukas, her foster brother who loved and protected her from the worst ravages of slavery, is now being accused of terrible things.

When the Keepers are called to the capitol to address this threat, she finds herself once again out of place. As much as Sini doesn’t want to believe it, the evidence is growing that Lukas is amassing an army along the southern border. He’s using his magic to poison the minds of Queensland’s people, and his dragon to spread death and destruction.

To save Queensland, Sini teams up with Will and Alaric to enlist the aid of the dwarves. Sini’s magical powers finally begin to stir, but with a frightening intensity.

Will Sini learn to control her magic, or will she lose everything to the brother she doesn’t want to fight?

Sabetha’s Review:


This was the perfect ending to an emotionally charged series. Sini was the perfect keeper to bring their adventure to a close. She experiences so much growth through out this book. From a sheltered slave that follows directions, to a strong capable person.

The keepers are some of the most fascinating magical people I’ve had the pleasure of reading about. I love the complexity of each of them, and how they all have different strengths and weaknesses. I was so glad to read that the author is working on more stories from this world because i have so many more questions about all the other characters she introduced in these these books!

The different arcs of each character is really enthralling. I was sucked into each of their stories, feeling their hopes and fears, rooting for them the whole way. Many great developments woven into the plot. The final twist was fitting, yet unexpected. Left me feeling warm and fuzy after all the emotion that I had to endure lol

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