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Road Seven
by Keith Rosson
Indie Author: No
Kindle Unlimited: No
Publication Date: 7/14/20

Magical Realism
Literary Fiction

Page Count: 300 Pages

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Smoke City


Mark Sandoval—resolutely arrogant, covered head to foot in precise geometric scarring, and still marginally famous after Hollywood made an Oscar-winner based off his memoir years before—has been strongly advised by his lawyer to leave the country following a drunken and potentially fatal hit and run. When a woman sends Sandoval grainy footage of what appears to be a unicorn, he quickly hires an assistant and the two head off to the woman’s farm in Hvíldarland, a tiny, remote island off the coast of Iceland. When they arrive on the island and discover that both a military base and the surrounding álagablettur, the nearby woods, are teeming with strangeness and secrets, they begin to realize that a supposed unicorn sighting is the least of their worries.

Sabetha’s Review:


This book is drool worthy. I am once again book drunk thanks to Keith Rosson.

I’ll admit, I doubted him being able to top [book:Smoke City|36319320]. Which is an amazing mind fuck of a book. But Road Seven delivers.

I’m a sucker for fiction books about books/writers/libraries/anything literary so one of the main characters being a washed up writer was swoon worthy for me in reading the blurb. Disaster characters are my favorite characters.

The complexity of the plot and every single character in the story is great, it’s better than great, it’s relatable. Every. single. person. in this book could be your neighbor, your friend, that weird guy in your city.

The story has so many moving parts, as you read it’s hard to see how they will ever fit together, or who might be hallucinating but they magically piece together in a terrifying yet mystifying way.

By the end you’re left wondering if you’re living your best life, if you’ve made the right choices, and what you can do to start doing so. If you love books that are deep yet fantastical, light but heavy- you’re going to want to pick up Road Seven. This book will take you to places in your mind you probably avoid and make you ponder your mortality.

It was hard to put down, and left me puzzled in all the right ways.

I received this book via NetGalley.

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