Realm of Power
by Angela J. Ford
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 4.2.21

Epic Fantasy
Sword & Sorcery

Page Count: 252 Pages

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Due to Citrine’s betrayal, the Disciples of Ithar have caught up with Citrine and Tor Lir at last.

Just when everything Citrine wants is in reach, it slips through her fingers. Captured and unable to reach her beasts, she faces judgement in the kingdom of mortals. Despite her dire predicament, her biggest concern is how to win back Tor Lir’s trust.

Tor Lir is furious with Citrine. Although prison is inconvenient, the darkness inside him knows how to escape. At last he must determine if he will fight for the mortals or give in to the demands of ultimate power and destroy all those who oppose him.

But Citrine and Tor Lir don’t know that there are other factions who desire them, with a secret plot to take the world from the mortals and give it into the hands of the immortals.

Caught in a power hungry struggle, Citrine and Tor Lir must make a choice. Should they side with the mortals or immortals?

Full of vibrant imagery, page-turning intrigue, and heart-pounding tension, this is a gripping adventure you don’t want to miss. If you enjoy classical fantasy that has an epic, old world feel of Lord of the Rings, the Wheel of Time or Earthsea, then you’ll be enthralled with this series.

Realm of Power is book five in the fantasy adventure series: Legend of the Nameless One.

Sabetha’s Review:


Overall, this book was nothing like what I expected to follow the cliffhanger at the end of book four. It reads much more like a romance than an epic fantasy so I was thankful for fade to black as there was less romance to skim through.

Unlike the previous four books, this one did not have any nail biting moments, or epic battles. It was much more about the relationship between Citrine and Tor Lir & wrapping up the foreshadowing in book 1. Citrine is one of my favorite main characters, and I was glad for her personal growth in this book. She deserved this conclusion as her life has been anything but calm up until now.

I can’t say that it ends on a solid complete series ending though. I am left with way more questions than answers, and a feeling that there is more to come. So if you are looking for a “everything is right in the world, and they all lived happily ever after” you might not be pleased with the events of this one. (But I do hope this means there is another series in this world!!)

I am going to go back and read The Complete Four Worlds Series #1-4, because I do wonder if some of my questions are because I don’t know enough of the world. In going and looking at the blurb for Realm of Beasts, it says 6 planned books, so maybe this series was cut short and that’s why it feels like there should have been more to the story?

As with all of Angela’s books, she is a master of world building, and character growth. You will love this series if you love sentient animals, sprawling adventures, and deep character arcs.

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