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Pursuit of Shadows
by JA Andrews
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 9.18.2018

Epic Fantasy
Sword & Sorcery 

Page Count: 520 Pages


-Killien, the unyielding clan chief who’s becoming increasingly volatile.
-Sora, the suspicious ranger who sees more than she should.
-A swarm of frost goblins that devour with tooth and claw.

The list of people and things that could get Will killed keeps growing.

While Alaric is in Queensland, searching for Kordan’s Wellstone, Keeper Will is over the mountains in the hostile Roven Sweep, searching for his missing sister.

After catching a glimpse of a woman who could be her in a Keeper-hating Roven clan. Will convinces Killien to let him travel north with them to their summer homes.

Under the relentless suspicions of Sora, a tenuous friendship grows between Will and Killien, who talks of building peace among the hostile Roven.

Except Will’s thin disguise as a storyteller is crumbling quickly and Sora may already know who he is.

The more Will gets to know Killien, the more troubling things he learns. Killien’s hatred for Keepers runs deep, and for all his talk of peace, the man’s greatest wish is to control a vicious army.

And a dragon.

But Will doesn’t know that the chief has taken more from him than just his sister.

And Killien controls enough power to gain everything he wants.

Sabetha’s Review:


This series is sooo good. Like the warm hug after a hard day good. Reading a book about storytellers was so intriguing to me, JA Andrews pulls it off so magically. I can’t wait to see where the next book takes us.

Her characters are so full of emotions, everyone feels like a main character. They all have troubles, goals, and a growth arc. Thankfully this book was less sad than book one lol I don’t know if I could have cried my way through another book! But in seriousness, the plot is well laid out, and fit so seamlessly with book one even though we are seeing the world through a different keeper this round.

I love her version of magic, and the way the keepers operate, the whole world reminds me how vitally important stories are to our society.

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