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Mage Soul
by J.T. Williams
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 3.24.2017

Epic Fantasy
Norse & Viking Myth & Legend

Page Count: 131 Pages


Can Valrin save the one who saved him?
Valrin escaped the ruthless dwarven pirates, secured the powerful sailing ship of the ancients, and now tries to embrace what it means to be Stormborn. But the Captain who guided him to this fate was struck in their escape with a poisonous bolt and what magic that healed him has failed. This poison is something much worst.

Tossed by a storm into an island, they narrowly escape an attack by monstrous beasts when several strangers appearing wielding magic unlike no others upon the seas. It soon becomes obvious that these strangers are the only ones that can help them but it will not be so simple.

They must travel deep into dwarven waters, seeking out a friend of an Ice Mage, eventually coming to a cannibalistic wielder of earth magic that reveals how dangerous their quest truly is. Valrin will learn of evil beyond mere pirates but will he have the skill to save an entire race before it is too late?

Sabetha’s Review:


So Shadow Elves are probably my second favorite characters in the world of the Dwemhar. (doubtful anything will top necromancers but you never know) 😛

This novella builds up more world lore and fate told events unfold, while letting us get to know the main players a bit more. There is a good group of characters with heavy pasts coming together, so I’m intrigued about backstories, and even more so as to how Valrin became who he was in Half-Bloods Rising. Full of adventure, a few battle scenes, more questions than answers, and well you get the picture. JT Williams is a must read author. I know I’m going to be so book drunk after finish the Stormborn series, thank goodness book 10 is on it’s way out.

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