Kingdom of Wind & Fire
by RA Lewis
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 3.27.20

Epic Fantasy

Page Count: 379 Pages

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Brianna grew up hiding her elemental magic, using it only in secret. If discovered, she risked being enslaved by the king’s army. Her twin brother, Brayden, wasn’t lucky enough to avoid that fate. Taken at a young age, his power was controlled by a SpiritSinger.

After fifteen years apart, Brayden escapes and accidentally makes it back to a home he doesn’t remember. No sooner has he reunited with his family when their mother is captured by the same enemy. The twins must make a choice to leave their mother and carry out her wishes or attempt to find and rescue her.

It’s only the beginning.

Torn between choices, they travel to a magical university to learn to control their volatile powers. With the help of a snarky smuggler and his crew, Brayden and Brianna embark on a quest to hone their magical powers and learn who they really are.

Can they stay together long enough to save their mother? Or will an even greater evil tear them apart?

Jess’ Review:


New world, new wonders! I previously read the Valdir Chronicles and fell in love with RA’s works. This book didn’t make me feel any different. The world we got to see was terrifying, but vast and beautiful. I loved Regan. His semi mysterious air and somewhat cavalier attitude makes smuggler a perfect fit for him. Brianna and Brayden were an interesting pair. I liked their fierce loyalty to one another despite not growing up together. Brayden’s got the most potential to grow out of the two of them. With his vices and attitude, he’s still very much a victim or a child, depending on the situation he faces. Brianna simply lacks confidence right now, but I hope she will grow into herself. I already despise the prince and mistrust King Callan. I can’t quite bring myself to believe that the King cannot see what his brother is up to. But it is altogether possible. The rest of the characters were either very quiet or didn’t have a lengthy presence. I do like Kalyani, despite not knowing a lot of her. I look forward to learning more about Zillah. Her brief introduction towards the end of this book lead me to believe she is possibly very much different from her brethren. I do so look forward to the next book.

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