Going Postal
by Terry Pratchett
Indie Author: No
Kindle Unlimited: No
Publication Date: 10.13.09

Humorous Fantasy

Page Count: 484 Pages

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A splendid send-up of government, the postal system, and everything that lies in between in this newest entry in Terry Pratchett’s internationally bestselling Discworld series. 

Convicted con man and forger Moist von Lipwig is given a choice: Face the hangman’s noose, or get Ankh Morpork’s ancient Post Office up and running efficiently!

It was a tough decision . . .

Now, the former criminal is facing really big problems. There’s tons of undelivered mail. Ghosts are talking to him. One of the postmen is 18,000 years old. And you really wouldn’t want to know what his new girlfriend can do with a shoe.

To top it all off, shadowy characters don’t want the mail moved. Instead, they want him dead—deader than all those dead letters. (And here he’d thought that all he’d have to face was rain, snow, and gloom of night . . .)

Nicholi’s Review:


If you’ve never read Pratchett before, start here. I’d tried him the past, but started with his first Discworld novel, The Color of Magic, big mistake! It was an okay novel, but it wasn’t Pratchett at his best. Thankfully a good friend demanded that I try again and recommended this novel to start. I’m so glad I gave him another short! I can’t wait to read more.

The novel centers around Moist von Lipwig, a loveable rouge who survives his own hanging after being caught stealing, only to be placed in charge of the postal service. I think it speaks volumes that his conman skills are what makes him the ideal candidate to run the organization in a post tower (e-mail allegory) world.

The plot is simplistic in it’s through line, but surreal in its side tangents. Like why golems make the best postmen.

I don’t think Pratchett is meant to be read for escapism fantasy where you get a to relive familiar stories told in a new way. The pieces are all there that you’ll recognize, but I doubt you’ll know what they’re there or how they’ll play at. At least not until you’re familiar with his style. He is a writing onto himself. Pratchett is his own genre, and we’re blessed he chose to use fantasy as his setting.

If you want an excellent work of English Fiction with more than a dash of humor, read Pratchett today. Ideally Going Postal.

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