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Forgiveness Falls
by Kate James
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: No
Publication Date: 12.17.2019

Occult, Horror, Ghost Stories

Page Count: 368 Pages


When Alice overhears a murder confession at her family’s Adirondacks inn, she takes this for a bad dream. Later, she attributes an eerie scream from the courtyard to the same elusive nightmare.

After all, she had an alarming evening, marked by a freak fire and frightened talk of “glowing eyes” sure to hurt the inn’s reputation.

But as the mysteries multiply and grow more malicious, Alice and her son suspect a scam. Aimed at the family? Then again, it’s possible the resurrection of a local legend has awakened sleeping souls…

Romance complicates matters, as Alice is drawn to a guest her ex-cop brother distrusts. Then there’s the unknown poetry that finds its way into her head…as if someone’s trying to reach her – maybe to warn her?

Sabetha’s Review:


You’re going to love this book if you love ghost stories, the idea of spirits staying around after their bodies have passed on, and contemplating metaphysics in general.

I loved the characters, they all were very real life, from the sibling arguments to the hotel guests. The story is well laid out, and spooky. The ghost stories told within are a great touch to the ambiance of the story.

The lore of the inn and the area is well constructed and well utilized in the story. Loved all the twists, and how the story ended.

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