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Blood Feud
by NAK Baldron
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 10.7.21

Urban Fantasy
Vampires, Magi, Dragons
Mythical Creatures

Page Count: 246 Pages

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Vampires are nothing to fear? Hardly.

For centuries the magi have relaxed into a life of luxury. Brushing off the rising threat of vampires as if they were little more than annoying children. But I, Varius Londinium vampire hunter, know the damage they cause firsthand.

I thought shedding my mentor of fifty years would be liberating. Little did I know he and every other magi would be out to see me fail or used for their own nefarious purposes.

Between Rufus turning from mentor to spy, and Prisca showing up at my front door to seduce me into joining her camarilla, I have no time for my true passion.

Killing every vampire in Austin.

I refuse to let these fools get in the way of my rightful title of Helsing. The first step in restoring my own camarilla to its former glory will not be stolen from me. They can either help me, or die trying to kill me, because I won’t turn my back on my inheritance.

Magi Codex is an engrossing Urban Fantasy Vampire Hunter series.

Looking for a multi-point-of-view urban fantasy with a sprawling world and characters you’ll love to hate? Buy Blood Feud to dive in today!

Complete Series:

Texas Blood (Book 0.5)
Blood Feud (Book 1)
Blood Drake (Book 2)
Blood Oath (Book 3)
Blood Tithe (Book 4)
Blood Bath (Book 5)

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