April Kindle Unlimited Must Reads

April Kindle Unlimited Must Reads

We are huge fans of Kindle Unlimited! If you have a tendency to fly through books, say one a week, or maybe one a day, paying for a subscription is well worth it. You don’t even need a Kindle, the phone and computer app are just as user friendly. Learn more about signing up for Kindle Unlimited here.

We’ve teamed up with a plethora of great Fantasy & Sci-Fi Authors to bring you a list of must read Kindle Unlimited books! There are over 50 books, so consider your month booked. 

Here are a few on our TBR list for this month:

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing
Trial of Stone
The Summoner and the Seer

Comment and let us know which ones you’ve read! 

We’d love to read your reviews! 

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