New Release: A Bitter Cup

A Bitter Cup
Series: Hill Country Mysteries, Book 2

Book Synopsis:

Welcome to Aconite Cafe, where dragons, coffee, and snark, are today’s special.

Hailey Morton and dragon companion Azure, are adjusting to their new bonded state. The protector, protectee, relationship is a fiery one.

With both having a default language of sarcasm, they are two snarks in a sack.

Just when Hailey thought she had the Aconite Cafe under control, one of her regulars went and got himself poisoned with his morning coffee.

Now the sheriff is investigating them, and Hailey and Azure must find the true culprit. Only issue is, the whole town had motive to poison the old man.

How will Hailey and Azure save their hides from roasting?

A Bitter Cup is the second book in the Hill Country Mysteries series of full-length, snarky, dragon cozy mystery novels.

Jess' Review:


Fantastic!! Sassy and funny. A great who-dun-it. Azure and Hailey are back at it. Investigating a coffee shop patron’s poisoning. A little action, a little education about the origins of dragons, a little forgiveness for a coven member who did wrong, and a wonderful amount of sassyness. I really can’t wait for the next book!

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