Self-Confidence is a life long struggle, from 5 to 105 humans struggle with the idea of being enough. “How do I boost my self-confidence?” is a common question throughout the creative community. 

As a creative and an introvert, it can often seem impossible to feel self-confident. We pour a part of our soul into each creation, and then put it on the internet for people to judge. The pressure to be enough can be overwhelming. But there are tried and true ways to build that confidence back up when it slips. 


Create obtainable daily goals. Accomplishment and failure are compounding experiences. When you experience one, it makes it harder to feel like the other is possible. The momentum of hitting a daily goal repetitively can encourage the act of hitting it with each passing day, but after missing just once, the goal can feel daunting and unattainable. This negative feedback can turn one missed day into a week in a blink. But by creating a daily goal that is 100% obtainable no matter how wrong the day ends up going, there is a stronger chance of feeling that win of accomplishing it to keep the positive cycle going. 

Put This into Practice:

If you are a writer, set a goal of 100 – 500 words a day. (or lower if you need to!) A small goal that you know you will hit no matter what. Each day you hit this goal will boost your confidence and ability to continue to beat it. Even if you have a daily average of 1000+ words, on the days you are struggling, you will be less like to get derailed because of the confidence hitting your daily goal brings.

If you are a reader, set a goal of reading 1 – 5 chapters a day. I often find myself in reading ruts, and will get derailed to where I can go a few days without reading and not realizing it. Things that bring me joy can often be the first to get cut when life becomes stressful, but by setting a small obtainable goal, it make it easy to self care through my favorite things.

Revisit Past Accomplishments. You’ve been a badass in your life. From personal growth to creative growth, you aren’t the same person you were even a week ago. Don’t forget those moments and the confidence they brought. It can be eye opening to go back and see just how far you’ve come in life. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn even if it’s only in the privacy of your own home. Remind yourself often: Today, you are better than yourself from yesterday, even if it’s just a smidgen, and tomorrow you will be even better.


Put This into Practice:

If you are a writer, track your progress. Keep spreadsheets or journals on everything from word count to notes from learning experiences. Looking back at these entries can give your brain the boost it needs to remind yourself of the growth you’ve experienced. You aren’t the same uninformed writer that you started out as. Revisiting “advice” blogs or videos that you’ve mastered can also trigger this reminder. You may have watched Brandon Sandersons free course on writing, but watching it again after you know you have grown past the advice it contains can really ground yourself in just how far you’ve come as a writer.

If you are a reader, keep a bullet journal. Even if you are just using it to track your goals or take notes on books, it can be a visual reminder that you are growing even if it doesn’t always feel like it. Every time you have a major win that gives you a sense of accomplishment, write it down. On days that you aren’t feeling confident in your skills you can pull out that list of accomplishments and compare it to where you are now. I bet you’ve moved forward without realizing it.


Do Good Recklessly. Spreading a helping hand to the surrounding people can have a side effect of raising your own self-confidence. Say hi to people in public, help someone with their groceries. There are a million ways to do good, be reckless about it. 

Put This into Practice:

If you are a writer, try helping other authors. There are a few ways to go about this, but one of the easiest, is to join a writing group and share resources you have found to be helpful. While you may not feel you have the expertises to offer advice, you have resources from experts you’ve found that you can share with others. Even the simple act of offering encouragement can go along way in someones writing career. Remember back to when you were first starting out, what kind of help would you have liked to receive from an author head of you?

If you are a reader, try reaching out to your friends and family to see how you can be more supportive in their lives. A great way to give an indie author a boost of self-confidence is by leaving reviews. No matter the star, each review they receive can instantly brighten their day. While many times this can seem like an insignificant act, it is the single greatest help a reader can be aside from sharing/buying their books. Every little act of kindness you do, will have the side effect of boosting your own self-confidence. Happiness is so contagious. 

Shake off the negative vibes. Falling into the routine of being negative can happen to the best of us without realizing it. Negative thoughts are contagious and breed faster than cactus. But as soon as you get the notion you are falling into this trap, shake it off. Combating the negativity can have an instant effect on your outlook and spread to those around you. 


Put This into Practice:

If you are a writer, create a ‘reset’ checklist. Find actionable items that help pull you out of focusing on the negative. This can range from venting to a journal, to creating 2 actionable solutions for each negative thought you’re dwelling on, or bare minimum goals to get you back up to your usual daily goals. Keep the checklist in eyesight at your workspace so it becomes a visual queue to evaluate your current state of mind.

If you are a reader, try setting aside a few hours at the end of each month to evaluate and adjust your goals. If you find yourself overwhelmed with ARC reads, or obligations having a once a month check in can force you to reel in any spots you are being spread too thin on. Negativity can creep in from being overwhelmed, and without realizing it we are hating every minute of reading, or feeling forced to complete tasks we don’t find any joy in. By resetting our obligations we can visually make sure we are maintaining a positive environment for ourselves.


Ask for help. This is probably one of the biggest hurdles, but most effective means of boosting self-confidence. You aren’t alone. Don’t face your struggles without a little help from those around you. While many don’t have the support of those sitting right beside them, don’t stop searching until you find your tribe. Someone, somewhere has been where you are right now. There are people out there that want to help you succeed. Even if your only goal is to make it through today. Ask for help. Having the support of another can make a night and day difference in being able to push through your current slump. 

Put This into Practice:

If you are a writer, find a writing themed support group. There are many to choose from on all social media platforms, and you can lurk in them until you’re ready to jump in on the conversation. Writing doesn’t have to be lonely or a solo adventure, find a tribe of writers that you can ask for help or discuss the craft with. These people can remind you that even on your darkest day, there is an end to the tunnel you’re adventuring down. 

If you are a reader, find your tribe. The internet has made it possible for so many lost souls to find the people they connect with on the deepest level. These people will push you up with your feeling down and bring you the joy that you’ve been in search of for so long. Don’t let people tell you that online friendships aren’t “real friendships” because they are just as impactful. Many times you find that you can connect deeper online because it is easier to drop the masks we all hold in face-to-face encounters.

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