If you are reading this, I challenge you to attempt one of these items for an entire month. 

Don’t feel stuck to one task, switch around, try them all, google new ways to improve mental health

Every attempt is one step closer to discovering more about yourself and building a growth mindset. 


Get lost in your favorite fantasy world. Create a list of worlds that made you book drunk, shows that feel like home, or movies that breath nostalgia.

Let these comfortable, familiar worlds bring you peace when the real world is chaotic. There is no shame in binging a full series in a day. Self care is the most crucial care.

Check out “In defense of reading the same book over and over again” for more benefits to revisiting media you love.

Get outdoors. There is more than vitamin D that comes from being outside for a bit each day.

Whether you are sitting on your porch, taking a walk around the block, or finding trails in the woods, being outside can greatly improve your mental health.

Check out “Sour mood getting you down? Get back to nature” for more information on the benefits of being in nature.



Create a space that brings you joy. By now you’ve all probably heard the the phrase ‘sparks joy’ coined by Marie Kondo. Like, “These dishes don’t spark joy, can I just toss them instead of washing them?” Jokes aside, her books are often seen as interior design, but they are great for those that suffer from depression and anxiety. 

Creating a living space that bring you joy and is free of clutter can improve your mental health. From having your morning coffee in a cup that makes you smile, to having wall art that brightens your daily routine. There are many small ways to revamp your space to bring you joy instead of stress.

Check out “It’s science: Clutter can actually give you anxiety” to dive into the science behind this topic.

Get creative. Escaping into a creative endeavor can help calm the mind and release stress. Don’t look at it as a task you need to master and be on a level that is perfect enough to sell. Just get lost in the art of creating. Journaling, painting, coloring, or crocheting are a few examples of ways to get creative. 

If learning a new skill is something that interests you, check out Skill Share. It’s the perfect place to learn from experts without feeling the pressure of being perfect at it. Get 2 free months to check out their premium classes.

Check out “Creativity as a Wellness Practice” for more ways that being creative is linked to your mental health.



Unplug from social media. How many times do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through some form of social media? Do you notice when you’re in an endless scroll loop?

The internet and the affects is has on us, is a relatively new topic. We are just now getting to the point that kids born the same year google was invented (1998) are in their 20’s. So there isn’t a long running picture of how it affects the brain when a person is raised on the internet.

People of all walks of life are choosing to take the challenge and break up with social media for a week, month or even a year. Just to see how it will improve their mental health. Can you complete a set time away?

Check out “Social Media and Mental Health” for more information on how your mental health is linked to your social media usage. 

Try your hand at video games. This may seem like a weird one for those that aren’t into video games but give it a chance. 

There are a few widely popular multi-player online games that you can download and play for free like EVE Online (space), Albion Online (medieval fantasy),  (here is a list of more free options) or there is the option to find a game console in yard sale groups for fairly cheap. 

However you choose to do it, taking a break by escaping into the world of video games can improve your mental health plus your cognitive abilities.

Check out “The Link Between Video Games and Stress Relief” for more information on why playing an hour a day can keep the stress demons at bay. 


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