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A Haunting of Revenge
A Cozy Mystery Tribe Anthology, Book 8
by Verena DeLuca, Kathryn Mykel, Patty Joy, Rune Stroud, Casey Jones, Brittany E. Brinegar, Jann Franklin, & Jessica Thompson

Did you hear that? The creak in the stairs?
Is it the escaped convict? Or is it a ghost?

Snuggle in for these frightful tales from your favorite cozy mystery authors!

Can these sleuths over come their fears, and solve the case?

A Witch of a Scandal
A Cozy Mystery Tribe Anthology, Book 12
by Kathryn Mykel, Rune Stroud, Elle Hartford, Diane Bator, Tessa Bryant, Cassandra Slaughter, PJ Tremblay, Patty Joy & Clare Lockhart.

It’s Halloween night and a flicker across the moon catches her eye,
was it a witch or a bat? Why did this faithful sleuth leave the party so late?

Follow along as these mystery solvers find themselves in witchy tangles.
Not all of these tales are paranormal, but they will leave you in the mood for candy!

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Drop Dead Cowboy
Sugarwood Mysteries, Book 1
by Diane Bator

Audra Clemmings loves Halloween. At least until she sees the display of voodoo dolls in the shop next door that resembles nearly everyone in Sugarwood, Ontario—including her. Then there’s the matter of the dead cowboy on the bench in front of her shop Stitch’n’Time…

Black Licorice Larcenry
A Seasonal Sweet Mystery, Book 1
by Courtney Flagg

When a prized award for a local haunted house competition suddenly goes missing, Emma Marsh and her sister Lilly set out on a tantalizing adventure to save her candy shop and keep the competition on schedule.

Immerse yourself in the delectable world of Candyland Confections, where sugary delights and spine-tingling mysteries collide! Emma Marsh, the owner of a delightful candy shop, is on a mission to save her sweet business when the prized award for a local haunted house contest vanishes.

Teaming up with her trusted sister and confidante, Lilly, Emma embarks on a tantalizing adventure through eerie contest entries, encounters with eccentric contestants, and a labyrinth of well-kept secrets. With her candy shop on the line, Emma is determined to find the thief and keep the competition on track, but with time running out and a cunning culprit on the loose, her mission might prove to be more difficult than anticipated.

Black Licorice Larceny offers a lighthearted and engaging reading experience, perfect for cozy mystery enthusiasts seeking a dose of intrigue without the need for cliffhangers, profanity, or graphic content. If you enjoyed the classic mystery adventures of Nancy Drew, you will find yourself captivated by Emma’s story.

Misalignment and Murder
A Chiro Cozy Mystery, Book 2
by Cathy Tully

It’s Halloween and there’s a corpse on campus! Dr. Susannah is shocked to find a body at the Elementary School’s Halloween Festival. What’s worse, it’s her patient and the principal!

It’s Halloween, and dastardly deeds at quickly implicate Dr. Susannah’s newly divorced sister, Angie, who has moved to town with her son.

With Angie locked up, Dr. Susannah juggles parenting responsibilities for her nephew with her need to clearer sister.

The former NYPD officer soon discovers clues that point to a conspiracy at work in her small town. Unable to prevent a second death, the members of the Ladies Crime Solving Club help Susannah with her babysitting as the murder investigation takes her to the old Civil War Cemetery where a Bassett Hound dressed as Sherlock Holmes digs up an important clue.

With a killer on the loose and the Growl-A-Ween canine-costume contest just around the corner, can Susannah stop the killer before he kills again?

USA Today Best Selling Author & Georgia Independent Author of the Year for Best Cozy, Cathy Tully’s Misalignment and Murder is Book #2 in the Dr. Susannah Shine ChiroCozy Mystery Series . A light-hearted cozy mystery featuring quirky small-town characters, southern charm, and recipes.

If you like Janet Evanovich and Jana DeLeon, then you’ll love this series that combines their best traits in a fast-paced, can’t-put-downable adventure.

Pumpkin Pies & Potions
Melting Pot Cafe, Book 1
by Polly Holmes

Witches, cats, pumpkin pies and murder!

I’m Evelyn Grayson and if you’d told me by the time I was 23, I’d have lost both my parents in a mysterious accident, moved in with the coolest Aunt ever, lived in a magical town, and I was a witch, I would have said you were crazy. Funny thing is, you’d be right.

Camille Stenson, the grumpiest woman in Saltwater Cove is set on making this year’s Halloween celebrations difficult for everyone, but when she turns up dead and my best friend is on the suspect list, I have no choice but to find out whodunit and clear her name.

Amongst the pumpkin carving, abandoned houses, and apple bobbing, it soon becomes apparent dark magic is at play and I must use all my newfound witches’ abilities to find the killer before another spell is cast.

Step into Evelyn Grayson’s magical world in the first book of the Melting Pot Café series, a fun and flirty romantic paranormal cozy mystery where the spells are flowing, and the adventure is just beginning.

If you like witty witches, cheeky talking cats, and magical murder mysteries, then you’ll love Polly Holmes’ light-hearted Melting Pot Café series.

With Sugar on Roundtop
A Newfound Lake Cozy Mystery, Book 5
by Virginia K. Bennett

When the town librarian is an avid mystery and true-crime reader, the local law enforcement must need a book-smart assistant like her, right?

Roundtop Mountain in Bristol, New Hampshire, is the site of Rebecca Ramsey’s favorite childhood Halloween memory – The Haunted Hike. As the town’s current librarian, she decides to bring all of those ghoulish and gruesome memories back to life for the children of the Newfound region. Local businesses sponsor spine-tingling stops along the trail to haunt and horrify, prank and petrify. Sweet treats and spooky scenes are the highlight of the event.

On her first outing with her boyfriend, Chief Kenny Towne, and his daughters and his ex-wife, not everything goes according to Rebecca’s plans. After the last hikers finish, a terrifying discovery is made that leaves one business owner beheaded for the hills.

Without a witness or so much as a fingerprint, how will she help end this nightmare of a case?

Something Stinks in Fall Haven
Wicked Wick Mysteries, Book 4
by Melrose McFadden

Cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and hints of something really rank.

Fall Haven loves a good festival, especially when it’s fall themed! The Sleepy Haven Farm is going all out this year, with a you-pick-it pumpkin patch, a haunted farm and corn maze, and loads of spooky activities all week long.

Leigh Hill and Paloma Finch will be splitting time between their Wicked Wick candle shop on the Fall Haven town square and spending evenings out at the farm selling hot tea and cider. When they offer to help out with some of the haunted activities, they are confronted with something far scarier than vampire jump-scares and fake blood splattered everywhere: a real dead body.

Leigh and Paloma follow their noses and sniff out clues – even when they are super stinky – in this fourth installment of the Wicked Wick Mysteries series.

Hayrides and Homicide
Treehouse Hotel Mysteries, Related Read
by Sue Hollowell

Secrets, scandals, and spaniels…

As Halloween looms, Cedarbrook teems with activity, brimming with anticipation for the haunting hayride, the town’s centerpiece. Chloe, accompanied by her devoted fiancé Paul, eagerly plans to join their friends. Little do they know that opening night will ignite a tragedy, plunging Cedarbrook into an abyss of chaos.

Unyielding, Chloe embarks on a relentless quest, determined to solve the murder and recover the stolen jewelry. Each thread unraveled exposes a labyrinth of secrets, motives, and long-standing rivalries, testing the very fabric of their relationships.

As the haunting secrets of Cedarbrook come to light, will Chloe and her trusty cocker spaniel Max decipher the enigmatic puzzle in time?

Hayrides and Homicide is a Halloween story in the Treehouse Hotel Mysteries series. A light, cozy mystery in a small town with a puzzle loving, amateur female sleuth, quirky characters (human and canine), and enough flowers and pastries to fill your garden and your belly. No gore, swearing or cliffhangers. Can be read as a standalone.

Halloween Hustle
A Cassandra Sato Halloween Short Mystery
by Kelly Brakenhoff

Cassandra Sato always goes the extra mile for her job.

Even when pushed out of her comfort zone to join the Halloween Hustle 5K charity fun run. But when a training run takes an unexpected turn, and a body is discovered, she finds out that small town conflicts can be deadly. Cassandra and her friends are in a race against time to identify the killer. Can Cassandra put the pieces together before she is permanently disqualified?

Get ready for a spine-chilling race to the finish line that promises thrills and chills around every corner.

Note: This standalone mystery contains no series spoilers, and it’s okay to read it out of order!

Scares and Dares
A Book Store Cozy Mystery, Book 4
by Lucinda Race

Enjoy this clean, small town, paranormal cozy mystery by award winning and bestselling author, Lucinda Race.

Welcome to Pembroke Cove, where witches and murders are multiplying.

It’s Halloween in Pembroke Cove, Maine, and witch-in-training Lily Michaels, with the help from her magical and non-magical friends, is determined to give the town a haunted house event they’ll never forget. There’s an extra reason to celebrate too, the engagement of Lily’s best friends, Nikki and Steve.

Of course, Lily’s boyfriend, Gage Erikson—a.k.a. Detective Cutie—will be helping, too. A few weeks earlier they finally went on their first date, it only took fifteen years after they graduated college to admit they were more than just friends. They’re not ready to jump into the marriage pool, but working together on the haunted house will be a great change of pace from solving murders.

But scares and dares don’t always add up to fun. With cauldrons, and potions, and vampires popping out of coffins, everyone thinks the dead clown on the floor is just part of the haunted house festivities. Until it turns out he’s really dead. With so many people in disguise, and magic and spells abounding on All Hallows’ Eve, no one is above suspicion. Lily, with her clue chalkboard, is always ready to solve a puzzle, but Gage is worried about her safety. As Lily and Gage race to unmask the murderer, will the clown-killer get the last laugh?
Scares and Dares is the fourth novel in A Book Store Cozy Mystery Series, although each book can be read as standalone. A sweet and clean cozy mystery with a guarantee the culprit is caught. Happy reading!

A Witchy Spookfest
Witches of Whispering Pines, Book 4
by Rhonda Hopkins

Pumpkins. Ghosts. And a body.

My social calendar is full this weekend. There’s the town’s annual Halloween Festival. I have a new owl familiar that’s… well, let’s just say she’s a little scatter-brained. And there’s a cantankerous old ghost that won’t leave me alone. Oh! It’s my birthday, too.

All of that before I find a body behind the library. So now I have another ghost to contend with and he isn’t much help. All he does is mutter about “pumpkins” while trying to pull out his hair.

It’s not exactly what I had planned for my last high school birthday. But I’m hoping my friends and I can figure out how the man died before the weekend festivities are ruined. Piece of birthday cake. Right?

A Witchy Spookfest was originally published as a short story in the Once Upon a Halloween: A Wicked and Wild Cozy Anthology. It has been expanded and is now a full-length novel.

The Pie Contest Catastrophe
Jericho Falls Cozy Msytery, Novella
by Brook Peterson

A Slice of Mystery in Jericho Falls
In the quaint town of Jericho Falls, a fun fall event turns into a perplexing puzzle. When celebrity chef Jacque Savoy arrives as a guest judge for the pumpkin pie contest, the community is abuzz with excitement. But the festive atmosphere takes a grim turn when the pie contest planning session becomes the scene of a baffling crime.

Rumors about who is responsible for this terrible turn of events swirl like falling leaves. As whispers of resentment and jealousy float through the town, Chloe Martin finds herself in the middle of the investigation. With a knack for solving small-town mysteries, Chloe takes on the challenge of uncovering the truth behind this sinister incident.

Accompany Chloe as she attempts to catch the culprit and return the peaceful autumn atmosphere to her beloved community.

An Unforeseen Halloween
A Polar Brook Cozy Mystery
by R. R. Wilds

After a devastating breakup, thirty-year-old June Blake takes an impromptu road trip to her parents’ house to lick her wounds and stare at the ceiling fan. Unfortunately, a near-fatal storm traps her in the famous mountain town of Polar Brook. Ordinarily, it’s not a bad spot to be stranded—It’s gorgeous, has fancy shops and restaurants, and plenty of activities, but lately, something sinister has been brewing…

In a town that’s covered in Halloween decorations, June assumes the body she stumbles on at the Halloween Festival is just a fake, but fake bodies aren’t typically warm. With no time to react and a passing bystander with a different take on events, she quickly becomes the prime suspect. To make matters worse, the sheriff is not her biggest fan.

June must work alongside a small list of allies to clear her name and unmask the real culprit before the sheriff’s relentless pursuit lands her trick-or-treating in cell block D.

Halloween Palooza
Cream and Sugar Cozy Mysteries
by Melinda Craig

Halloween Palooza is the talk of Oakwood Town. From haunted houses and mazes to delicious food and dancing, there’s one thing Grace knows for sure. If you’re part of this town, you have to participate.

Grace’s friends don’t realize why she’s less than enthusiastic about the holiday, but for them, she attempts to make an effort. If only there were fewer disasters!

She’s already gotten a pie to the face, and now, she’s stumbled upon another body. At least this one’s still breathing.

Get ready for more laughs and enjoy this Halloween short story in The Cream & Sugar Cozy Mysteries Series! This novelette takes place between books 3 and 4.

Candy Corn Murder
Lucy Stone Mysteries, Book 22
by Leslie Meier

There’s peril at the Pumpkin Fest in this Maine-set mystery by the New York Times-bestselling author…

Halloween is coming to Tinker’s Cove, Maine, and local reporter Lucy Stone is covering the annual Giant Pumpkin Fest for the Pennysaver. There’s the pumpkin-boat regatta, the children’s Halloween party, the pumpkin weigh-in…even a contest where home-built catapults hurl pumpkins at an old Dodge! But not everything goes as planned.

Lucy’s getting annoyed that her husband, Bill, and his friend Evan have been working seemingly nonstop on their potentially prize-winning pumpkin catapult. But on the day of the big contest, Evan is nowhere to be found…until a catapulted pumpkin busts open the trunk of the Dodge, revealing a deceased Evan.

Bill’s on the hook for the Halloween homicide, so Lucy’s got some serious sleuthing to do. With each new lead pointing her in a different direction, Lucy learns that if she wants to spook the real killer, she’ll have to step into an old ghost story…

Murder at the Pumpkin Pageant
Beacon Bakeshop, Book 4
by Darci Hannah

The latest installment in Darci Hannah’s delicious Beacon Bakeshop Mystery series set in small-town Beacon Harbor, Michigan, featuring a baker heroine who lives in the local lighthouse with her beloved Newfoundland dog, Wellington.

Lindsey prefers to keep her bakeshop’s Halloween decor light and autumnal, rather than gruesome and ghoulish. But everyone knows her lighthouse home is haunted. Some intrepid teens have even tried to break in to witness the resident ghost themselves. Dreading Halloween night, Lindsey reluctantly allows her influencer and podcaster best friend, Kennedy, to host a live ghost hunting investigation in the lighthouse, conducted by a professional team. Protective of her ghost, Lyndsey is understandably nervous about what they might uncover . . .

The segment is uneventful—until things take a terrifying turn. The team freaks out. As Kennedy joins the mad dash outside, she bumps into what looks like the prankster teens’ creepy clown costume hanging from a tree. But when Lindsey’s dog, Wellington, begins to whine, they make a grim discovery: the clown is no dummy. It’s a corpse.

Now Lindsey and company will need to keep their cool if they want a ghost of a chance to solve the murder—and see another Halloween . . . 

Cottage on Gooseberry Bay
Cottage on Gooseberry Bay, Book 1
by Kathi Daley

A heartwarming mystery series about finding answers and fostering hope while building friendships and embracing the magic of life by the sea and small-town holidays.

Ainsley arrives in Gooseberry Bay only to find there will be no easy answers as she’d so naively hoped. Unwilling to leave before she gets what she came for, she rents a cottage on the sea where she and her dogs, Kai and Kallie, can settle in and wait. Her first night in town she meets a young woman who is later found dead. The local sheriff has labeled the death of this young woman a suicide based on a text message she’d sent before she died. But Ainsley, who’d spoken to the victim only hours before the text was sent, isn’t quite as sure of the easy answer the sheriff would like everyone to believe. An investigative journalist by trade and cops daughter by upbringing, Ainsley never had been the sort to walk away from unanswered questions, so with the help of new friends she meets along the way, she initiates a parallel investigation which seems to indicate the sheriff’s real motivation in trying to sell the suicide angle to the community is to protect the interests of a very rich and very powerful man.

Death of a Halloween Party Monster
by Lee Hollis

Small town traditions are celebrated throughout Maine during the holiday season. But when it comes to Halloween, some people are more than willing to reap a harvest of murder . . .


Everyone attending Island Times Food and Cocktail columnist Hayley Powell’s Halloween bash is dressed as their favorite movie monster from the Bride of Frankenstein and Jaws to Chucky and Pennywise the clown. But when partygoers stumble upon Boris Candy’s bludgeoned costumed corpse, it falls to Hayley to discover who among her guests wanted to stop the man from clowning around permanently . . .

A Deadly Happening
A Halloween Cozy Mystery
by D. B. McNicol

A candy man…
A cat with a mustache…
Best friends…
A dead body…

Alivia Sue Harper (Ash) starts an event planning business in her hometown of Harpertown and her first event is a combination Halloween-Birthday-Welcome Home party for her best friend, Kaley Ann Tipton (Kat). Then they find a dead body…

A short read cozy mystery.

Halloween, Hexes & Handcuffs
Moonflower Mystery, Book 6 
by Beverly A. Rearick

A hex of a Halloween awaits.

Samantha Reitenbach and her vampire beau, Sheriff Brandon Phillips, had planned for a day of spectral delights at the world-renowned Moonflower Halloween Festival—a gathering point for paranormals on the one day the veil between worlds thins. Their enchanting escapade takes a sinister turn when a mysterious hacker infiltrates Brandon’s station, sowing unease in the usually unflappable sheriff. To make matters more complicated, the sinister Paranormal Council takes over event security, leaving Brandon skeptical of their intentions.

Amidst the mystical allure of the festival, tragedy strikes when a body is unearthed within the haunted underworld ride with the victim connected to Samantha at a time when she’s been somehow enchanted to speak thoughts and opinions best left buried.

As they struggle to piece together the puzzle, they uncover a tangle of elusive clues and hidden motives. Each twist brings Samantha and Brandon closer to a haunting truth. It’s a scramble against time where clues float like fog over a moonlit graveyard.

Halloween, Hexes & Handcuffs is the sixth paranormal cozy mystery in the Moonflower Mystery Series.

Treats, Tricks, and Trespassing
A Pumpkin Hollow Candy Store Mystery, Book 1
by Kathleen Suzette

In the whimsical town of Pumpkin Hollow, where every day is Halloween, sisters and local business owners Mia and Christy run The Pumpkin Hollow Candy Store. Beyond the counter filled with jars of candy corn, chocolate pumpkins, and gummy ghoul displays, the sisters share an unexpected hobby: solving the quirky town’s most puzzling crimes.

With Halloween approaching, Mia and Christy find themselves wrapped in a sinister mystery when a victim is discovered in “The House of Horrors,” an abandoned, cobweb-laden mansion that haunts the minds of the town’s residents. Known for the rumors about its chilling history and eerie aura, the mansion was the last place they expected to find a case, yet now it’s at the center of a perplexing puzzle.

As the countdown to Halloween begins, Mia and Christy must unravel a web of secrets as dark as the chocolate they dip their candy apples in. With clues hidden amongst the town’s eccentric characters and the clock ticking, the sisters must navigate the labyrinth of Halloween decorations and candy-coated chaos before the killer strikes again.

Tricks, Treats, and Trespassing is a wickedly sweet tale full of humor, heart, and a sprinkle of mystery. Mia and Christy will discover that their town’s love of Halloween is not just about the scares, it’s about the strength of the community, even in the face of an unfathomable murder. If you love enchanting settings, quirky characters, and mysteries as captivating as a bag of trick-or-treat candy, then you’ll enjoy this spellbinding Halloween adventure.

The Pumpkin Hollow Candy Store Mysteries pick up where Pumpkin Hollow Mysteries left off six years earlier. Pumpkin Hollow Candy Store Mysteries are clean cozy mysteries.

Muffins Masks Murder
Auntie Clem’s Bakery, Book 10
by P.D. Workman


Back in Bald Eagle Falls, Erin needs a vacation from her vacation. But she doesn’t get much of a chance to relax and get ready for Halloween before the unthinkable happens.

This time, Erin is not the suspect in a murder investigation, her sweetheart Officer Terry Piper is. Could he have been pushed too far by drug runner Bo Biggles? Did he cross the line? Or is it someone else in the community, someone who might be close to Erin?

Jail is not a safe place for a cop, and Erin is desperate to figure out the guilty party before Terry is taken into custody.

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