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Saving Heart & Home
by Nikki Bergstresser, Denise Jaden
4.8 out of 5 stars 9 ratings

Small town love with a big time problem…

Emma Hathaway finds joy in the small town life of Juniper Falls caring for the seniors she has grown to love at Heart & Home assisted living facility. Emma insists she is content to avoid dating and the heartbreak that can come from falling in love. After all, she has her rescue dog Charlie to keep her company. Yet, others notice her loneliness. The zany elderly residents make it their mission to find their beloved nurse a date before Valentine’s Day. Financial problems arise threatening the future of Heart & Home, along with Emma’s job.

Attractive and ambitious, Jake Rothstein blows into town from his big city life with plans to move his grandmother, one of Emma’s favorite residents, to a care facility in the city. But first, Jake must sell the family house he grew up in. He is determined to leave Juniper Falls behind him, along with the painful memories he has buried.

In hopes of changing his mind, Emma offers to assist Jake in packing up the family house. Met with reminders from his past and unexpected feelings around every corner, his heart begins to soften. But when Emma is faced with losing what matters most to her, Jake takes the brunt of her pain and is ready to run from his hurts again. Can both hearts heal to allow love to find its way home?

Anti-Valentine Date
by Ashleigh Quinn
4.7 out of 5 stars 26 ratings

When a grumpy photographer meets a done-with-love caterer, their chemistry could ignite a pizza oven.

Dating is awful. Dating around Valentine’s Day – even worse.

But all that changes when I meet Derek at the Cupid Sucks party.

He’s muscular, protective, and perfectly flawed.

Just when things seem to be working out, an arrogant mistake returns and shakes up my world.

But fate has a few more moves left to play.

My heart never had a chance.

This is a sweet romance with no spice but all the heat.

Valentine’s Surprise at Sunshine Inn
by Annie Diamond
4.4 out of 5 stars 114 ratings
4.5 on Goodreads 84 ratings
Book 8 of 9: A Crystal Coast Series

From disastrous dates to happy endings: A heartwarming romance of forgiveness, second chances, and true love set in a charming beachside small town.
Excited about the romantic surprises the men have planned for Valentine’s Day, sisters Abby, Connie, and Beth never expected the dates to test their patience or their love.

As Seth, Caleb, and Brian scramble to make things right, the women begin to question whether their men truly understand them.

Will grand gestures save the day or will the men find out that sometimes the key to a woman’s heart is just to listen and learn?

Join the delightful Windham family in this feel-good story about love, laughter, and self-discovery set in a beautiful beach location.

This beach romance book can be read as a standalone.

He’s So Not My Valentine
by Savannah Scott
4.7 out of 5 stars 230 ratings
4.6 on Goodreads 253 ratings

Valentine’s Day should be outlawed.

Here are a few fun facts about me:

  1. I do not love Valentine’s Day.
  2. I love coffee.
  3. I’ve never left the state of North Carolina.

I’m not complaining. I grew up in the quaint town of Harvest Hollow, met my charming husband, and had our amazing son here … That was before my “charming” ex-husband decided he needed to expand his horizons.

Since that time, I’ve been raising Nate alone, with the support of my family, and running Cataloochee Coffee like it’s my own business.

I’m not looking for romance–especially not at this time of year when everyone couples up in the name of a dead saint who happens to be the patron of lovers, epileptics and beekeepers.

When Rene Dubois comes from France to visit my sister and her husband, I obviously keep my distance. I don’t need his kisses to my cheeks, his flirty banter, or the way his bright green eyes make me feel flutters in my belly and tingles across my skin. I don’t do flutters or tingles.

My sister keeps assuring me Rene is amazing and harmless. But she’s the dreamer in the family. Rene may be gorgeous, have a buttery French accent, and a charismatic personality. All I know is He’s so not my Valentine.

He’s So Not My Valentine is the stand-alone sequel to A Not So Fictional Fall. This closed-door romcom is set in the fictional town of Harvest Hollow (made popular in the Sweater Weather series). Be warned: you will laugh, swoon, and probably fall for a Frenchman.

Staying Inn for Valentine’s
by Eliza Boyd
4.4 out of 5 stars 141 ratings
4.2 on Goodreads 115 ratings
Book 1 of 6: True Love, AZ

In a small town called True Love, anything is possible.

Penelope Galbraith is set to take over her parents’ business, Inn True Love. She has huge plans to expand the property. The town’s tourist business is booming, and they often have to turn people away at the inn – like Devon. But when he disses the town she loves, she offers him a place to stay for the night with one condition: He has to stick around for one day and let her show him around to prove how great True Love is.

Devon Nichol leaves his small hometown the first chance he gets. Nothing’s keeping him there anymore, and he’s sure he’s inherited his mother’s wandering spirit. So he makes a plan to land wherever he runs out of gas. Before that happens, he stops for the night in True Love, a town tinier than the one he grew up in. All he wants to do is get back on the road, but something about Penelope’s charm intrigues him and he honors the deal.

When one day turns into another, will Devon see how special True Love is – especially with Penelope at his side?

Read this sweet/clean small town Hallmark-style romance to find out!

The Designated Valentine
by Drew Taylor
5.0 out of 5 stars 12 ratings
4.8 on Goodreads 34 ratings
Book 2 of 2: Designated

There are only two things I loathe in this world: Valentine’s Day and Mason Kane. Valentine’s Day is actually Single’s Recognition Day, and Mason Kane is the genesis of my contemptuous heart. I’ve totally moved on, and my life is great.

Just great.

Should I say it one more time so you’ll believe me?

That is, until both elements of my hatred merge together into a nightmare of epic proportions. One: heading the Valentine’s Day marketing campaign for my boss’ jewelry brand as a way to fulfill my internship class. Two: Mason Kane will be appearing in the commercials.

Ruining my life again.

I can’t mess this up, but how can I pretend everything is fine after how Mason disappeared from my life three years ago?

I never thought I’d build a vacation home in Mississippi, but one reason is all I need: Karoline Wright, my childhood best friend, lives there, and I realized a little too late that I was in love with her. But all my grandiose plans to reunite with her are tossed out of the window when I’m ushered into her sphere sooner than expected.

Why did I agree to star in a jewelry commercial for Valentine’s Day, and why on God’s green earth is Karoline heading up the campaign?

Now, I have to figure out how to get all this boiling hot water between us under a very big bridge. Stat.

It’s now or never. I have to weasel my way back into her life and prove myself changed against her rightfully earned suspicions and doubts. And maybe—just maybe—the bricks will crumble away from the mile-high wall she’s built over the past three years.

The Designated Valentine is a spice-free sweet and seething friends to enemies to lovers NA romantic comedy with plenty of sizzle.

Java Hearts & Cupid Darts
by Kimberly Krey
4.7 out of 5 stars 87 ratings
4.6 on Goodreads 93 ratings
Part of: The Coffee Loft (18 books)

Maggie Modella, owner of the VA Beach Coffee Loft, has found the keys to true love! Well, they’re not actually keys; they’re darts. Cupid darts, to be exact. If she simply collects the darts found within the pages of her new life-changing book, she, too, can find true and everlasting love.

There’s just one problem: She has a major distraction in the form of Braxton Wheaton, the infuriating brute she hired to revamp an old train car for her coffee shop. Braxton is as boastful as a peacock with the manners of an ox. And now, thanks to her meddling sister, Maggie has to pair off with him in a storytelling duel. But once the coffee dust starts to settle, Braxton reveals a deep and vulnerable side that has Maggie rethinking her love for hating him.

From cold brews to cappuccinos and frothy frappes, there’s something on the menu for every romantic comedy reader. Fake dates, meddling matchmakers, friends-to-lovers and so much more, each stand-alone story is the right blend of sweet, guaranteed to warm your heart.

Happily-ever-after’s coming right up!

The Valentine’s Date Mistake
by Cassandra Shiels
4.4 out of 5 stars 29 ratings
4.2 on Goodreads 24 ratings
Book 2 of 5: A Sweet Holiday Romance

Online Dating is a bad idea…unless it turns out good.

Melissa, a master of numbers where 1+1 always equals 2, finds herself perplexed when it comes to the equation of dating. The prospect of another lonely Valentine’s Day looms, yet she remains skeptical of being set up. However, when the school principal requests her assistance in supervising the sophomore class’s Valentine’s Day dance preparations, Melissa refuses to be the solitary teacher attending the event. Desperate, albeit against her instincts, she reluctantly allows her friend Prissy to sign her up for a dating website.

Landon, a fervent lover of history, finds the present to be his greatest challenge. With a jam-packed schedule and no room for additional commitments, Landon is hesitant about venturing into the world of online dating. Yet, when a new match captures his attention, he contemplates whether she’s worth the investment. Can he find a way to make it work alongside his day job, his own studies, and organizing the school’s Valentine’s Day dance alongside the sometimes irritable Ms. Melissa Jackson?

In this romantic tale, discover how Melissa and Landon navigate the complexities of love, balancing their personal pursuits with the unexpected twists and turns of planning a school dance. Will their paths intertwine, leading to a harmonious Valentine’s Day, or will their conflicting schedules and differences keep them apart?

A Valentine Proposal
by Viv Royce
4.4 out of 5 stars 62 ratings
4.0 on Goodreads 85 ratings
Book 2 of 3: Little Shops on Heart Street

Just as free-spirited bookstore employee Cleo Davis faces closure of her beloved shop, the owner informs her it will continue as part of the successful Stephens chain. When the chain’s risk assessor, the very reserved, very attractive Mark Stephens, enters the store to look over her business plan, Cleo clashes with him right away. Oil and water have nothing on them.

Mark has always followed the rules. But the minute he steps into vibrant and spunky Cleo’s store, he knows he’s in trouble. One moment he’s in her “craft corner” painting bookends with kids, the next in a bidding war with Cleo at a charity auction. He can’t deny that opposites attract, and Cleo’s vivacious personality has him rethinking his life in more ways than one.

But when Cleo’s store officially becomes part of the bookstore chain, Mark will become her boss…and completely off limits.

Valentine’s Day in Venice
by Stephanie Taylor
4.2 out of 5 stars 638 ratings
3.9 on Goodreads 433 ratings
Book 1 of 11: The Holiday Adventure Club

What happens when a medical examiner leaves cold bodies and cold winters behind to chase her dream of running a travel agency in a warm, sunny beach town?

Lucy Landish has put a decade into her career, but a heartbreaking divorce and a mother whose medical needs are growing increasingly demanding have driven her to chase her dream south—way south—to Amelia Island, Florida. Dreaming of a fresh start, Lucy hangs out a shingle and opens The Holiday Adventure Club with plans to travel the world for a year, hitting a new location for every major holiday with her groups of intrepid tourists in tow.

The crew that signs up to spend Valentine’s Day in Venice during Carnival includes a young widow with a promise to fulfill to her late husband, and a couple of randy, cantankerous septuagenarians. But in the midst of the historical city and all the color and drama of Carnival, Lucy finds herself missing Amelia Island and the two men who are vying for her attention back home: Dev, the darkly handsome music-lover who owns the coffee shop on one side of her office, and Nick, the ruggedly good-looking mystery writer who runs the postal store on the other.

But is thirty-eight too old for a woman to reinvent herself from the ground up? Can Lucy discover herself again in the cities of the world, find a new career that brings her joy, and possibly even fall in love again?

Click the BUY NOW button and start traveling the world with Lucy and The Holiday Adventure Club today—romance and adventure await you!

Chalk it up to Love
by Jenny Rabe
4.5 out of 5 stars 66 ratings
4.5 on Goodreads 49 ratings

He loves me . . . or he loves me not?

Nothing’s coming up roses for Daisy, who’s been abandoned by everyone she’s ever loved. But when an old house becomes available, Daisy has a chance to own the flower shop of her dreams.

Every rose has its thorns, though, and Daisy’s just discovered a big one: To qualify for the house, the renovation must be completed by a couple. That leaves Daisy in the lurch . . . until Forrest steps in.

Forrest has his own dreams for the house. It’s spacious enough to accommodate his dad’s wheelchair, and fixing it up will give him an excuse to spend time with Daisy.

Sparks fly as they soon learn they’re renovating more than rooms and walls. When Forrest’s parents decide to move to the big city he is left without an excuse to stay in town. And Daisy must face the question: he loves me or he loves me not?

The Valentine Quest
by Melissa McClone
4.7 out of 5 stars 187 ratings
4.3 on Goodreads 195 ratings
Book 5 of 12: Love at the Chocolate Shop

Keep your competition close…and your heart even closer.

When Nevada Parker travels to Marietta, Montana, she anticipates enough peace and quiet to finish her PhD dissertation. Cupidville turns out to be anything but quiet. In fact, it looks like Valentine’s Day—her least favorite holiday—exploded all over the small town.

Among the sea of red hearts, “Be Mine” signs, and pink, pink, pink, Nevada spots a flyer for a multi-day race called The Valentine Quest. The grand prize—a luxury tropical vacation—would be the perfect welcome-home gift for her brother who’s leaving the military.

Dustin Decker sure could use a break from giving city slickers sleigh rides. Even with a bum knee from his bull-riding days, the race’s grand prize is as good as his—until he realizes he needs a partner if he wants to win.

He makes a strategic pact with the prim, bookish Nevada. But with a kiss, their unlikely alliance turns into something more…and soon, racing isn’t the only thing on their minds. As the finish line nears, they must decide if the grand prize is worth more than what they’ve found together…or if one of them will walk away empty handed—and brokenhearted.

My Half-Price Valentine
by Carla Rossi
4.6 out of 5 stars 114 ratings
4.5 on Goodreads 81 ratings
Book 4 of 12: Cardinal Point Romance

One little mystery, two sworn enemies, and a big, heart-shaped box of chocolates.Love conquers all when the valentines are half price.
Annalise Winston left Cardinal Point years ago with a bad attitude and an even worse reputation. She never expected to be welcomed back with open arms, but she also didn’t think someone would shoot at her parked car and vandalize the animal shelter she has come to save from financial ruin. Is it really personal? Or just a coincidence the attacks seem directed at both her and her important mission at the shelter?
Shane Calfee loves his job as co-owner of Cardinal Point Security Services, but lately, the long hours and lack of sleep are getting to him. Especially since his mom still pressures him to run the family furniture store instead of pursuing his dream to move up to other jobs in law enforcement. To top it all, his best friend’s ex-girlfriend, Annalise, is back in town and in danger. How is it he’s the one who happens to be around when she needs him? And why does that feel so good when it should be oh, so bad?

Surprise Valentine
by Elysia Strife
4.8 out of 5 stars 11 ratings
Book 1 of 5: DIY Divas Military Romance

Kali hates Valentine’s Day. The one time she took a chance on a guy, he left her in the dust for another woman.

To her, there’s nothing more humiliating than finding her boyfriend making out with someone else on what was supposed to be their date. So Kali swore off men and buried herself in her design work…again.

Her high-end interior decorating clients keep her busy, but life has become monotonous. On a video chat with her long-time friends, she figures out where she went wrong in life. Yet Kali refuses to believe the promises of men. But when a new customer hires her to decorate his house for, of all the holidays, Valentine’s Day, Kali finds herself in a complicated position.

Jorian Delaney made Miss Kali Lanel a promise before he even saw her for the first time. Upon their meeting, wanting more time with her, he changes his plan and hires her for a party he hasn’t yet arranged. Now he’s stuck frantically gathering friends while hiding his interest from her. It’s pretty clear she’s not going to accept a date. And Jorian knows all too well why.

Her cheating ex-boyfriend is from his platoon. They used to be best friends. Jorian’s attempt to cheer her up has ended in a confession, making her more miserable. He’s pretty sure she now officially hates his guts. But he can’t bring himself to retract the contract. He has limited time at home before his next deployment. And Kali is too good at her job. She’s driven, self-made, a touch fiery, and simply put…perfect.

Will Kali learn to trust Jorian? Or will Jorian be forced to throw a party he doesn’t care for and be stuck without a date?

A clean and wholesome romance with a happily ever after.
No steam. No cursing.

Stupid Cupid
by Ellie Hall
4.5 out of 5 stars 40 ratings
4.6 on Goodreads 34 ratings
Part of: Nebraska Knights Holiday Hockey Romance (2 books)

Does Cupid have a nice list? Never mind. Forget it. I’m breaking up with Valentine’s Day.

It started innocently enough with a harmless inquiry about a cute guy at a coffee shop. The goal was to get back in the romance game. The search turned into a social media frenzy. #DesperatelySeekingDane was not available. Talk about a buzzkill.

Just when I thought things couldn’t become more dramatic, because of my five minutes of online fame, a TV production company reached out to me as a last-minute contestant in a dating contest. It was an instant yes because one of the three bachelors is a major movie star and my lifelong crush.

Here’s the twist: I’m matched with the third-place prize, a daredevil hockey player I can’t stand. Let’s just say we have a brief but storied history involving shrill whistles, spilled coffee, and a bloody incident in an elevator.

However, turns out the date is only the opening act. We end up in each other’s debt, resulting in a meet-the-parents situation. But we kind of hit it off. As things heat up between us, sparks fly and the ice begins to melt. Can I be falling for the guy I loathe?

This is a clean, sweet, closed door hockey romcom with lots of sweet kisses and a happily ever after.

Bea Mine
by Kristen Dixon
4.2 out of 5 stars 131 ratings
4.1 on Goodreads 181 ratings
Book 1 of 4: Sweet Nothings Bake Shop

The quirky baker. Her best friend’s off-limits older brother. When sparks—and frosting—fly between them, it’ll be a Valentine’s Day to remember.

Bea has been half in love with George since the first time she saw him, at seven years old coming off the soccer field with her best friend, Daphne. His southern charm has always been impossible to resist, despite her determination to do just that.

George wants nothing more than to win Bea’s affection, after all these years. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to make her see the truth, even spend a hectic Valentine’s Day locked in a bakery delivery van.

When two stubborn southerners don’t see eye to eye, it’s bound to cause sparks. But if these two can’t see heart to heart, it might just be the worst mistake the small town of Adele, Georgia has ever seen.

If you love small-town romance with heart, friends to lovers, and a cast chock-full of quirky characters, you’ll fall in love with this sweet series in a second flat. Come on down to Georgia, and bring your sweet tea. It’s time to settle in for a while.

One-click now to start this clean small-town romance that will have you falling in love from the first chapter.

The Valentine Wager
by Nan Reinhardt
4.6 out of 5 stars 85 ratings
4.4 on Goodreads 94 ratings
Book 1 of 3: The Lange Brothers

He’s a notorious flirt, so she lays down a challenge she’s sure she’ll win.

When playboy police lieutenant Ryker Lange stops Kitt Boynton for driving on the wrong side of the road, his attraction to the feisty Irish lass is immediate. Yet, despite the sizzling chemistry between them, Kitt quickly turns him down.

Kitt has moved to River’s Edge for a fresh start and is ready to focus on her new marketing job at her cousins’ winery. She’s done with players, and vows she won’t let the local sexy cop distract her, but Kitt, a flirt herself, is definitely tempted. To keep her sanity as she prepares for several Valentine-themed winery events, she and Ryker make a bet: for the next three weeks, neither of them can flirt with the other.

The game starts out lighthearted, but when the town takes sides, Ryker and Kitt must choose between winning a wager or finding lasting love.

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