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Help us hit the USA Today Best Sellers List!

We are teaming up with 29 other authors, goaled at launching A Bookworm of a Suspect to the top of the charts! This magical accolade will make a life changing difference for each author involved in this anthology. You can help us by pre-ordering a copy where books are sold! Have an extra buck? Gift copies to your friends!

Firedrake Investigations

Join Blair as she settles into her new life in Kingsland, Texas in a Non-paranormal Cozy Mystery

Dusty Paws Mysteries

Join Natalie as she wrangles animals, mysteries and her love life in Raton, New Mexico in a Non-paranormal Cozy Mystery

Hill Country Mysteries

Meet Hailey and her dragon Azure in a Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Read about Azure's Cases

Join Hailey for story time as Azure recounts mysteries during his time with Tona

Dragons: A History

The case of the Flocked Yards

The case of the Cauldron of Lies

The case of the Clueless Hiker

The case of the
Rogue Rides

The case of the
Chili Caper

The case in
Haunted, Texas

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