The Cozy Mystery Tribe Anthologies

Submissions: Open

Cozy Mystery Tribe Anthologies are themed releases featuring short stories from must read Cozy Mystery Authors. Published in digital and physical formats.

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Caffeinated Fantasy Weekly

Submissions: Closed

Caffeinated Fantasy Weekly is a magazine featuring short fiction.
Published in digital and physical formats. 

Caffeinated Fantasy Anthologies

Submissions: Closed

Caffeinated Fantasy Anthologies are themed releases featuring short stories and novellas.
Published in digital and physical formats. 


The fee for each anthology covers the cost of covers, formatting and marketing.

In the event that we don’t hit the 50k, all anthologies that aren’t holiday related—(April, June, August), will either be pushed forward to the next month or we will move the publication date forward a few weeks for that one book without affecting the rest.

If it looks like an anthology won’t meet the minimum, all accepted authors will be notified, and will be allowed to weigh in on a new date choice. So we can extend the submissions deadline and post a mass open submissions post in all groups we can find. Offer authors to submit a second story. With different characters, etc. Something along those lines. 

If the holiday themed anthologies do not meet the word count they will be either canceled or published short of 50k words.

Each anthology will have a cap of about 15ish authors. If one (like a holiday themed one) were to get an excessive amount of submissions, then we would potentially open up a second volume and have two publications that month. If we are routinely getting 30+ quality submissions then we will move to monthly releases, bi-weekly, or weekly publications.

For each author to break even within the first 90 days, we need to sell 1,500 copies, assuming there are 15 authors contributing to the anthology.

Yes! Head over to the Stats page to see the current acceptance numbers. 

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Submissions: Open
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