Sleep Demons
by Erynn Lehtonen
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: No
Publication Date: 7.16.2019

Asian Myth & Legend

Page Count: 193 Pages


Not all adventures are grand…

After the capture of the evil majyu Lacotl, Hidekazu and Masanori accepted their invitations to study and train at Tsukiko Academy the following school year. But having always wanted to travel before settling down in the city for good, the boys cling to the Princess’ promise of taking them out of the country before the semester begins.

With Lacotl’s mocking silence, Princess Aihi is no closer to uncovering his motives, the truth about the Dragon’s Eye, or fulfilling her promise to Hidekazu and Masanori.

Yet when tragedy strikes, the Princess is more desperate than ever to share what she knows and seek alternative answers outside the comfort of Seiryuu’s borders.

The secrets of the Dragon’s Eye await where demons dwell…

A place no one leaves unscathed.

Masa and Hide’s journey continues in Sleep Demons, the second of four novellas prefacing the Wyvern Wars series: an epic fantasy adventure inspired by selections of Japanese mythology and folklore.

Sabetha’s Review:


After reading the first book I was slightly disappointed in the characters and story, but this was a huge improvement. Much more depth, less whining, over all a way better read. If you love the Japanese culture you will love this world. The author has taken great care in researching, and building a magical world. I am intrigued to see where the story goes.

The sibling dynamic really expands in this book to show their differences, and strengths even though they are twins. I also liked the complexity of the various characters, and how they utilize their powers. It is very much a ‘chosen ones’ storyline but the unexpected twist this book took make it a unique read.

I received a copy of this book via Book Sirens.