Please use the below Google Forms to request a date for your book to be featured on the Caffeinated Fantasy or the Cozy Mystery Tribe book club and/or bingo card. 

$25 per date booked.

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Book Club


  • Two emails featuring your book and where to find you around the internet sent to the book club subscribers.
  • Featured on our social media accounts throughout your books month.
  • Featured in the Book Deals email during your books month.
  • Featured on the Aconite Cafe website during the year, and in an evergreen post once the year ends.
  • Access to takeover the Reader Group during your discussion date to discuss your book and you.
  • Your book featured on that months bingo card.
  • Access to the Book Club subscriber list for the current year, quarterly, after your date has past.
  • Targeted Facebook ads to the Book Club throughout the year.


  • Your Book:
    • Must be a “first in series” book according to the Amazon series page & reading order.
    • Must fit the genre in appearance and tropes.
    • Must not have been in our previous years book club.
    • Must be marked as free on Amazon . com for your selected date.
    • Must not be apart of any other book club during the same calendar year.
  • You Must:
    • Share the Book Club link, instead of the Amazon direct link when sharing the free book with your audience.
    • Heart, Comment & Share Facebook posts on as needed.
    • Share the book club with your audience throughout the year as you see fit.
    • Organize a book discussion about your featured book on the date required.

Cozy Mystery Book Club Application

Fantasy SciFi Book Club Application

  • The Caffeinated Fantasy Book Club is closed, we will open sign ups for 2024 in the Fall.

Bingo Cards

Expanded Explanation

  • Bingo Cards
    • 1 Bingo Card Per Month
      • Featuring:
        • 2 book club books
        • 1 free spot
        • 6 authors from the form below
    • The bingo aspect of the card is for fun, to generate a small competition type chatter in the reader group, getting readers excited to read the books on the card.
  • Giveaway
    • Each quarter we will launch a giveaway that will list all 24 books as bonus entries so readers can gain more entries, the more they read. With a bonus entry for getting bingos/blackouts per month.
    • January, February. March
    • April, May, June
    • July, August, September
    • October, November, December
  • Marketing
    • Each card will get a blog post discussing / linking to each book on the card, plus linking to the author.
    • We will run facebook ads to each card separately, along with sharing widely on social media.
    • One newsletter a month on the Deals newsletter will feature the bingo card.
    • We will also post a youtube video featuring the bingo card books for the month.
    • Authors will have access to media created.
  • Requirements
    • To get on the bingo card, your book must fit the genre it’s applying for. There are no page count requirements, or series position requirements.
    • No boxsets. Just single stories please.
    • There are no pricing requirements, or platform requirements. It can be a reader magnet.
    • You must be willing to share the card with your audience at least once during your month.
    • Plus comment / heart / share the ad.
    • Authors can only have 1 book per card, and a book can only be on 1 card per year.

Bullet Point Explanation


  • Your book will be featured in:
    • the Book Deals newsletter
    • an evergreen blog post
    • the Bingo YouTube video
  • Plus:
    • Targeted Facebook ads to the Bingo card.
    • Featured as a bonus entry in giveaway.


  • Your Book:
    • Must fit the genre in appearance and tropes.
    • There are no pricing or page count requirements.
    • Be a single book, no boxsets / anthologies.
  • You Must:
    • Share the Bingo link with your audience at least once.
    • Heart, Comment & Share Facebook posts as needed.
  • Additionally:
    • Authors can have 1 title per card.
    • A Book can only be on 1 card per year.
    • 6 slots available per card.

Cozy Mystery Bingo Applications

First Quarter Application – CLOSED

Second Quarter Application – Open

  • Card 4 – Open
    • FB ads run the month of April
  • Card 5 – Open
    • FB ads run the month of May
  • Card 6 – Open
    • FB ads run the month of June

Third Quarter Application – Open

  • Card 7 – Open
    • FB ads run the month of July
  • Card 8 – Open
    • FB ads run the month of August
  • Card 9 – Open
    • FB ads run the month of September

Fourth Quarter Application – Open

  • Card 10 – Open
    • FB ads run the month of October
  • Card 11 – Open
    • FB ads run the month of November
  • Card 12 – Open
    • FB ads run the month of December

Fantasy SciFi Bingo Closed

  • The Caffeinated Fantasy Bingo is closed, we will open sign ups for 2024 in the Fall.


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