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  • Last updated: 2/7/24 – 07:00 am CST

If you find a spelling mistake feel free to contact us. If your nomination is not listed below and you submitted by the above time, it is most likely vetoed. See FAQ for more information.

  1. Do not nominate your own book, or a book you have not read.
  2. All nominations must be:
    – Indie (self) published during the previous year.
    – A Novella or Novel. (60+ Amazon listed page count.)
    – Clean and Not Religious Romance (i.e. it can’t have Christian in the title or be in Christian categories)
    – example sub-genres: sweet, hallmark, rom-com. Since this is our first year for romance we are shaping the specific section of romance we are wanting to focus on. Your submissions are going to help shape these awards and our newsletter moving forward.
    – Published in English.
    – Submitted in the following format: Title by Author. Any other format will be disqualified.
    – 20 Reviews on Amazon, with a rating of at least 4.0
  3. The top 10 books will advance to the Finals.
    1. Each author will only be allowed ONE book to advance to the next round.
    2. To advance a book MUST have a minimum of 5 nominations.
  4. A person can only nominate:
    – a book once.
    – 3 books total.
    – Note: emails ending in .gov, .edu, .org are invalid. 
    – 18 years or older to participate.
  5. By nominating you are subscribing to the Caffeinated Romance Tribe Newsletter.
  6. Nominations will be validated after they have closed, and books that do not meet the above qualifications will be removed.
  7. During the nomination round, making it to the current standings chart doesn’t verify that the book has met all qualifications.

Check out our FAQ.

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