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Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

Seventeen year old Kaia Lenoit is living the life of a human teenage girl with no clue who she really is. All she knows is that she’s not normal. As the nightmares that have haunted her all of her life become more vivid and frightening, strange things start to happen. She’s changing and her friends are dying.

No one is prepared for what is about to happen. The world of safety that has been created around her starts to crumple as Kaia’s true nature surfaces. Evil is after her and its closing in fast. Will she be strong enough to defeat it? Or will the secrets that have been kept from her by her loved ones make her embrace it?

Sibling rivalry has never been so dangerous!

Seven years ago Jade and Raven witnessed their father’s brutal murder. The killer has returned, and he will stop at nothing to find the power that the Gray family has hidden. Crushed between a nest of vampires and their ancient enemy, the sisters sometimes struggle just to take their next breath.

As Elementals just beginning to understand their potential, the sisters are hunted. Hiding a dark secret and on the run, the sisters are often at odds with each other. They must learn to work together or risk everything.

Morgan le Fay, the great witch and legendary little sister to King Arthur, has lived well beyond her wild and wicked past. These days she’s content to run her Wiccan supply shop in Pike Place Market and watch out for Seattle’s supernatural residents. Then two men stumble through her door. The first is a werewolf. The second? He seems familiar, though she has no memory of him.

Soon Morgan is dragged into a mystery that includes dragons, knights, and a mysterious witch hellbent on revenge. She will come face to face with truths and secrets about herself she has long forgotten. As if that weren’t enough, the man who she has no memories of? He is completely charming, but seems incapable of telling her the truth about anything. Even worse, she just might be falling for him. Fans of the Dresden Files and the Twenty-sided Sorceress series should enjoy this book.

Dark Fantasy Horror

Humanity has been banished from Earth for decades. In this time Warblegrub, an interstellar gardener, has been tasked with cleaning up any trace of humanity from the planet they once called home.

Home always beckons and humans return to restricted planet 1743 with an army, resolved to reclaim Earth, aware that they are disobeying intergalactic law in the process. Warblegrub must help a species set on its own destruction to save itself, but there are others that would sooner be rid of what many beings consider a self-absorbed pest.

Humanity’s penchant for aggression may be what secures its doom as the soldiers move across a landscape where nature is reclaiming their world and any act of violence is returned in kind.

Why does humanity consider itself above other forms of life? And what makes humans worthy of existence?

The world has been pushed to the brink. Its resources depleted, its lands uprooted and destroyed beyond recognition. The cause for all of this mayhem and senseless decimation? A great clashing of powers and an epic struggle for absolute dominance over the Realms. Two supreme forces have made the Realms their battlefield. The Constructor; a being of immeasurable creative capacity who uses his power to create weapons of chaotic ruination. And The Nightmare; a behemoth who derives his strength from the fear and life essence of those he traps in his concocted waking night terrors. Both of these monsters have locked horns, and the world is paying dearly for their battle of wills. But while lives and homes are being lost, a light cuts through the darkness in the form of the Magatic Order, an ancient and nearly defunct sect of sages who specialize in harnessing arcane energies to make their will known. And the Magatic Order’s last chance for success falls on the shoulders of a young sage named Visia. She has seen the power that can clear the path to resurrecting the stability of the Realms, and she knows how to acquire and harness said power. While others have given up hope or submitted to their destruction, Visia stands tall and leads the way to their salvation. As long as she draws breath, The Constructor and The Nightmare will not have their way. The Realms are not their playground, and innocent lives are not theirs for the taking. So jump into this tale of tragedy, triumph, and mystical absurdity, and witness the catalyst that sparks The Food Chain Chronicles. Where will Visia’s efforts land her and the Magatic Order? What future is held for the Realms? Will they know peace, or will they forever be doomed to a constant onslaught of destruction? There is only one way to find out…


The Black Witch has returned and she is whispering for Isolde…

Isolde dreams of heroic deeds and yearns to live the life of a shield-maiden. However, in the sleepy town of Eyndale, those dreams may as well be dead. She envies the stories of her long-deceased mother and wishes that her father might see her for the grown woman she has become.

When the wanderer Skaldi turns up at her doorstep, he brings horrific news. The animals have been rotting in the fields and the barbaric armies of Ravenscar are flooding down from the north. Something dark is being whispered on the wind. It hisses and laughs as it seeps down through the ancient forest. The Black Witch has returned and she is calling out to Isolde.

With no other choice, Isolde must put her trust into the mysterious Skaldi and chance the foreboding woods. But they soon find themselves being hunted when ancient curses come back to life. Isolde is plunged into her worst nightmare, but this is only the beginning.


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