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Our Services

We edit within Microsoft Word or Google Drive Files.
Errors found will be corrected within the document via Track Changes.
You will receive a detailed report of the changes made to your manuscript.

Editorial Reviews

Editorial reviews can add the right amount pizzazz to your Amazon selling page. You’ll be able to quote our reviews with confidence, as they are honest, unbiased opinions from our contributors. Once your book is read, it will be reviewed on the major review platforms as well as the blog.

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ARC Reviews

Coming up short on your launch reviews? Submit your book to our ARC team, and lock in guaranteed reviews. A 30 day notice is required if you seek the review for a specific date. All reviews appear on our blog, in conjuction with submitting them to the major review locations. 

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Proof Reading should not be used in the place of an Editor. This service is a final pass over an edited manuscript. It is best to hire a proofreader that is different than your Editor, as like yourself, your Editor will become comfortable with your writing and manuscript.

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Copy Edit

A Copy Edit focuses on your story and formatting. It should come AFTER a line edit, and not in substitution of a line edit.

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Line Edit

Our Line Editing service is an all encompassing pass through your manuscript. We go over each line of text at minimum four times.

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Developmental Edit

Coming Soon


Coming Soon! 

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