We'd love to share your Fantasy works with our readers!

Our Packages

We can schedule in advance to work with your release schedule. All invoices will be sent through Paypal. ( A paypal account is not required to pay.) It is first paid, first date pick. By purchasing a package, you are purchasing a guaranteed date, not a review or positive opinion. We only feature fantasy & scifi books, no romance.

Side Bar Ads

Our Right Side Bar Ads allow you to submit an ad to appear right on our website. This ad is displayed on the blog and many other pages.

Slots Available

Sponsored Blog Post

Our sponsored blog posts are our most versatile form of advertising. They can feature a product, business or person.

Slots Available

Social Media Ads

Our Social Media Package includes shout outs twice a week on 3 different forms of Social Media.

Slots Available

Reviews & Spotlights

We are avid reviewers, you can email us any book or snail mail us any book or coffee related product, if it’s snail mail it will make our instagram at the least.

Author Interviews

These interviews are posted throughout the month, feel free to add this into your schedule sale / launch plan. Only sponsored posts can have guaranteed dates.

Shout Outs

We love sharing books with our audience. When we don’t have planned content we turn to these shout outs to do Author Spotlights & social media shout outs.


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