New Release: Salt & Steel

Salt & Steel
Song of Thieves, Book 1
Series: Chronicles of the Seventh Realm, Book 3

Book Synopsis:
Before Akio was the greatest swordsman alive, he was an anxious boy. . .

Desperate to escape his destiny of becoming a fisherman like his father, nine-year old Akio swears fealty to a Thief Lord.

With his father proud of him, but his mother pissed at him, Akio’s only hope for peace of mind is to please his new Thief Lord.

But there’s a small problem with being First Sworn. Akio’s new Thief Lord, is a seven-year-old girl, and what’s more is she can kick his ass!

How will Akio change his destiny and become the greatest swordsman alive?

Jess' Review:


This book should have been longer! I wanted it to go on forever. I loved learning of the troubles Akio went through to become the man we met in Ren’s story. Well… if only part of it. I am impatiently awaiting the next installment!

Manda's Review:


As usual this author does not disappoint. I like how this story delves deeper into the relationship between Akio and Shaya. It follows the beginning of their journey as Shaya inherits her title as a Thief Lord, and he as her First Sworn. Although only children they find themselves in the thick of very grown up concerns as basically the last survivors of the Kaito clan. Their relationship is changing now that they train together, and you can see their learning to trust each other more. I can’t wait to see how grow together as the story continues. I would definitely recommend this book

Zach's Review:


Getting a further glimpse into the upbringing of Shaya and Akio was truly amazing. I have to agree with NAK that this is his favourite book so far in the series, but I very much look forward to further books within the Seven Realms.

Series Synopsis:
Chronicles of the Seventh Realm, is a broad story consisting of multiple point of voice characters, as they struggle to discover the Truth about their world, Fencura. A distant world, divided by power, magic, and technology. The citizens are doing their best to survive, unaware of the horrors lurking overhead. For fans of epic fantasies who want to see the genre pushed beyond the scopes of medieval Europe. Each bitesize epic book, captures the story of a key figure in the world of Fencura. Saved for prosperity by the unnamed chronicler.

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