From the first sip, you can tell Chameleon Cold-Brew’s coffee is not your typical chilled coffee. For one it offers a smooth taste rather than a bitter one. Better yet, it’s not watered down by ice! (I’m looking at all of you coffee shops who don’t list when I say ‘NO ICE!’)

For those not in the know, cold-brew coffee is a way to achieve a rich, robust flavor, and a higher caffeine content, than traditional brewing methods. The exception being an expresso shot.

Chameleon Cold-Brew has taken cold brew to a new level with their Vanilla Coffee blend. With their all organic ingredients, they’re able to ensure a coffee that’s refreshing, and stimulating.

To quote their bottle,

“Our famous Hill Country water hangs slow & cold with our roast, keeping acid low and giving a buzz BIG AS TEXAS.”

After drinking a 10 OZ glass, I’d say they delivered on their promise. I’m writing this with a pleasant buzz of concentration, that I get after a full pot of my French press.

“A simple cup transforms a dreamer into a do-er, and a planner becomes a creator.”

I’d have to agree, and say this is no empty boast.

The best part is you can enjoy their great coffee even if you don’t live in Austin. Grab yourself a bottle today, and you can get your own buzz BIG AS TEXAS!

** This is a good ‘ol honest review from coffee aficionados. We were in no way compensated or affiliated with Chameleon Cold-Brew**

Update: 3.29.17

Chameleon Cold-Brew’s Mexican Coffee leaves something to be desired. With 11 grams of sugar in a 10 OZ bottle, compared to the 7 grams in their vanilla coffee, the Mexican coffee is on the sweet side. For those looking for a sweet coffee with unique flavor, this might be the coffee for you.

The cinnamon was a great taste, until the end of the bottle, when all the little particles rushed into my mouth. I felt as if I’d swallowed a gulp of sand-water from the gulf.

I’ve had cinnamon flavored drinks in the past, where the producer managed to distill the flavor, rather than grind up a stick and pour the powder into the drink. I wish Chameleon Cold-Brew would have taken a lesson from those other drink producers.

Typically I’d write the drink off as not for me. However, at the premium price Chameleon Cold-Brew places on their drinks (which was justified for their vanilla) I feel gypped.

When we’ve all got the right coffee, we’re making our world JUST PLAIN BETTER.

Unfortunately, Chameleon Cold-Brew’s Mexican Coffee is not the right coffee for me. I do plan to try the mocha next though, because the vanilla was divine.






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