New Release: Ocean’s Dagger

Ocean’s Dagger
Miniseries: Quest, Book 2
Series: Chronicles of the Seventh Realm, Book 2

Book Synopsis:
An orphaned boy, uncontrollable magic, and a destiny to recover a nation’s honor.

Ren survived life at an orphanage, but the world taught him some hash lessons.

His aspiration to become a sorcerer looked brighter, until he found himself in a crate. With his magic unreliable, Ren must learn to rely on others.

But, in a world of thieves and cutthroats, how will he see the truth behind their masks?

Will Ren learn to master his mind, control his magic, and follow his destiny? 

Or will his naivety doom him and the world?

Jess' Review:


Ren’s Tale drew me in from the first sentence. I love the use of prologues. The characters are well thought out and the action is not forced anywhere. Emotions are spot on for everyone in each scenario. I truly can’t wait for the next installment of Ren’s Tale. Off to read Akio’s!

Manda's Review:


A really good story continuation

We find Ren in the Sapphire Nation awaiting his examination to see if he’ll be accepted into the Amethyst Nation. He becomes curious about the new country and culture around he finds himself, and ends up getting into so r trouble while sightseeing. Lucky for him he meets Shaya who senses his sorcery abilities, and is hoping they can work together. Shaya and her first sworn Akio place him under their honor to be sure no harm comes to him. Even with that he finds himself in an impossible position. I’m also loving the way Brandon is working back in the Pearl Nation to help right some wrongs that have recently transpired. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book in the series. I would recommend this book

Zach's Review:


Further building upon Ren’s Tale, Ocean’s Dagger expands on existing characters and introduces many more exciting ones and their perspectives on the Tale. Ren finds himself in the Sapphire Nation, which is built upon clans, honor and a completely different perspective of life than he is used to.

Series Synopsis:
Chronicles of the Seventh Realm, is a broad story consisting of multiple point of voice characters, as they struggle to discover the Truth about their world, Fencura. A distant world, divided by power, magic, and technology. The citizens are doing their best to survive, unaware of the horrors lurking overhead. For fans of epic fantasies who want to see the genre pushed beyond the scopes of medieval Europe. Each bitesize epic book, captures the story of a key figure in the world of Fencura. Saved for prosperity by the unnamed chronicler.

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