New Release: Last Light in Amelia by Alex Cortright

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Last Light in Amelia
by Alex Cortright
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: No
Publication Date: 5.10.21

Epic Fantasy

Page Count: 26 Pages


In Amelia, power rests in the hands of the few, and one gang strives to bring that power under their control. Led by Rodin, a ruthless killer obsessed with his own glorification.

In Amelia, they prize alchemists above all, and Eli is the best they come. Or at least he was.

When Eli’s aura left him, he ceased all alchemical work. Rodin won’t accept excuses. In their line of work there’s no retirement fund to fall back on, but serving in the gang is no longer possible, because Eli must uncover why his aura disappeared and get it back!

With a boss who won’t accept a resignation letter without blood and mayhem, how will Eli get out of Amelia to start his search?

List Light in Amelia is a side story within the “Journey to Silence” trilogy: an epic fantasy.

Zach's Review:


A promise of more to come, I’m intrigued to know more of the character and world Alex is creating.

Sabetha's Review:


This teaser is just enough to make you want more in this world.
It isn’t a story per say, but more of an introduction to a way of life for an alchemist.

While we only get a very short glimpse at the life of Eli, I am left with tons of questions about his abilities and the world he lives in.

I look forward to discovering more about this world.

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