Book Review – War Remnants by Moud Adel

War Remnants
by Moud Adel
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 6.22.2019


Page Count: 136 Pages


When the price of Gate Magic is a shorter life spent with your loved ones, will you want to keep that door closed?

Prepared to give up all of his power for a few more years with his family, Rakamai, the leader of his faction, a Magic Master who swore to defend his people against those who possess special powers, believed the only way out was to offer peace. But in a world where factions love to be enemies, his dream would soon be shattered.

Yamen, a Forest Elder, reminds Rakamai that controlling Majestic animals is a power he should always fear, and trapped in another war, Rakamai has a decision to make. Protect the legacy of his people or save his son from the hatred plaguing his world.

Now, when the Forbidden Warriors, the strongest in his world, are hunting him down, Rakamai must first escape their wrath before choosing between a longer life for himself or peace for the next generation.

Sabetha's Review:


A great introduction to a world that is looks to be expansive in all aspects. Moud has created one of the most complex magic systems I’ve come across. The idea that different communities can manifest different types of magic is fascinating to explore.

Each community in this book was well developed, they standout apart from each other and have their own unique cultures.

While the writer has writing style that is different from most, after the first few chapters it was easy to adapt to, and didn’t take away from the story he is telling. I look forward to continuing in this series.

Manda's Review:


A strong start

I stumbled upon this book, and I’m so glad I did. The book starts out with a tense scene, and the action doesn’t stop there. From the very first words to the end of the book there is always something happening. The author developed characters that were engaging, and they brought you right into their world. I really liked the storyline, and I can’t wait for the next book in the series to come. I would recommend this book.

Ryn's Review:


Absolute wonder! I truly enjoyed this author’s work. I fell in love first with the characters Rakamai and Tora made me laugh and I was so caught up in them and their struggle against the Averetti’s.
The next thing that really struck me was the well thought out magical systems each faction so unique and separate! I had to stop and marvel at it. Such a wonderful worldbuilder, I know I’ll be reading this story again. I truly recommend reading this and I look forward to reading more of Mastoperia and the factions and hopefully seeing the world outside of Mastoperia as well. I feel so teased that it was brought up and then stolen away!

Jess' Review:


I read this series backwards. But I don’t regret it. This book had so much action and I got to meet characters from the other books, but also I got to meet characters who were only mentioned. The background this installment provides to the series is significant and wonderful. It really ties everything together. More background on the four factions of the continent of Mastoperia. How it they all began. More information on why some of our later friends are the way they are. But aside from background information, it has action. Lots and lots of action. Immerse yourself in battles of several factions members against an even amount on the opposite side. And read how an amazing man has only 12 others to help him, but still pits himself against an entire tribe of 1,000… and their own helpers. The people you meet here have their own unique stories and plans and ways of going about getting what they want. Their own codes of honor, if you will. It’s a beautiful story and it’s a deadly story. It may be the first installment of the series and you are encouraged to read it as such. But don’t be upset if it is a story you come upon in the middle of your journey through the world of Mastoperia either. There are no spoilers in the book, however, there is much enlightenment to be found regardless of where you begin your journey. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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