Book Review – The Raven’s Fel by Brand J. Alexander

The Raven’s Fel
by Brand J. Alexander
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 10.01.2019

Dark Fantasy
Fairy Tales
Ghost Stories

Page Count: 112 Pages


Dorga’s father was finally dead. His birthright was there for the taking. But Dorga was a failure, unable to learn his family’s gift. The old shaman held power over death, a power that should have been passed on, but he took his secrets to the grave. Dorga was clever, however, and has been planning for this moment for years. He will not accept his lack of gifts as an excuse for failure this time.
Little does he know, Dorga’s father prepared for his unworthy son. Upon his death, the shaman struck a bargain with a peculiar raven and granted it the very gift Dorga lacked. Yet every bargain has a price, and the Raven King will carry death to Dorga on midnight wings to ensure that debt is paid. The clash will unravel the boundary between worlds and forge a binding pact between the Raven King and Dorga’s blood, the pact to found the line of Ravenfell.

Manda's Review:


The Raven’s Fel is the continuation of the tale of the Peculiar Raven. This book picks right up where the last ended giving us further insight into the mind of the Raven King. This story brings together the old shaman’s son Dorga who is hell bent on receiving his inheritance from his father at any cost and the Raven King. Dorga is trying desperately to clear his name as an utter failure in the eyes of the village where he grew up. He comes back after his father’s death with an elaborate plan to manipulate the villagers, but the Raven King has other plans in mind for him. After being chased into death Dorga does an unspeakable act and has completely lost his mind. He called on blood to exact revenge of the newly formed Raven King, and the only way to correct his mistake is to fight Dorga with his own blood. This book does not disappoint and it is a fantastic next book in the series. I would highly recommend it 

Jess' Review:


Deliciously evil installment of Ravenfell Chronicles! The Peculiar Raven and the shaman’s son Dorga go at it in a fight so huge, it changes both worlds – living and dead. It sucks you in from the beginning and carries you through the anger, resentment, craftiness and cunning of both the raven and the shaman’s son, culminating in an end that tells you how the Ravenfell line begins and where it gets its suspiciously dark roots. Fantastic read! Highly recommended.

Sabetha's Review:


Picking up where The Peculiar Raven left off, the story of the shamans son does not disappoint. The horrors of his reign, and the mistakes made by all parties, kept me enthralled throughout the book. Loved getting to know the Raven and all the other key characters in this story better and look forwards to more tales from this world. There is nothing more terrifying than laughter in times when there should be fear.

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