Book Review – The Forbidden Warriors by Moud Adel

book review fantasy forbidden warriors moud adel

The Forbidden Warriors
by Moud Adel
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 11.13.2019


Page Count: 368 Pages


Mastoperia: A hidden continent with four factions divided and suspicious of each other, with a history of unresolved wars, each grounding themselves in their own unique culture, and magical power.

The Forbidden Warriors: The only force powerful enough to keep the factions from destroying one another. The secret to their power is a mystery, but the only way to hold on to it is by passing the power to a new generation every two and a half centuries.

As that time has arrived, each faction must offer a candidate to become the next generation of the Forbidden Warriors, but only one can be the leader. In a race for that leadership position, four candidates and their teams travel across a world mysterious to them, to hunt artifacts they know nothing about. The mission is not easy, their goals are not aligned, and the truth is far bigger than they could have imagined. A challenge none were ready for.

Will they choose their own interests, their factions’ or defy all that they know for the sake of their world.

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Simply amazing book. Action, adventure, mayhem, death and a few plot twists. It’s an emotional ride from beginning to end, but one that I am so glad that I took. You meet 4 young people who are picked by their local factions to try to be the next ruler of Mastoperia, their continent. Each of them is asked to pick 3 people to join them on their quest. And from there, you’re on the rollercoaster ride with them as they navigate each other, their own faction as well as that of the others and the challenges they face to become the next ruler. Moud makes sure there are characters that you connect with as well as creating a world you want to visit, but feels familiar as well. The different magical systems of each faction (or technology in some cases) were really great to explore. If I had my choice I’d be very tattooed! I am saddened by some that are lost along the way, surprised at others and I really can’t wait to see what comes during the journeys of those who are left. Again, simply amazing book!

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