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The Fool
by Jon Cronshaw
Published by: No Words Press
Publication date: 8-12-2018
Genres: YA Fantasy

Star Rating: 4/5


An epic tale of fire and blood…

Kat is first in line to the Ostreich throne, but the last thing she wants to do is rule.

When the day she’s been dreading finally arrives, she’s forced to choose between obeying her mother and giving her life to the Empire, or following her own path towards a magical destiny.

With only her apprentice friend, Hansel, and wyvern, Witz, as advisers, Kat must decide whether to accept her fate or follow her heart.

If she stays, she faces a life of misery. If she leaves, war will descend on her people.

The Fool is the first episode of the coming-of-age epic fantasy serial, The Ravenglass Chronicles. Inspired by the tarot and set in a rich medieval world, it is an epic journey of magic, adventure, and forbidden love.


Best opening ever for a fantasy series. I had to double check to make sure I was reading what I thought. This book had my attention from the first page! Great classic style epic fantasy. Perfect length for reading during my lunch break. The world building was light, but shows promise. I hope to see more of this world, and Kat. The series has potential to stand out, and push the genre forward. I like that Witz comes off as a kind of cat. (Did anyone else get that impression?) It’s a unique characterization for a dragon. The author does an excellent job painting a picture of the setting with his words. The only part of the book I didn’t like was the dialogue. The characters sound the same for the most part, and the author has a tendency to write larger paragraphs of dialogue, rather than short sentences, when there’s high tension in the scene. However, that’s a minor issue, and likely my personal bias as a reader. I’ll read the next book in this series for sure! Also, basilisks, fuck yeah! The Author’s Note is worth reading. Building a fantasy series off of a tarot deck is awesome! Maybe I’m not well read enough, but I’ve never heard of this in a series, much less read it.

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