Book Review – The Book of Death: Leviathan

The Book of Death: Leviathan
by Nicholas Gagnier
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 6.25.2019

Magical Realism
Kidnapping Thrillers
Dark Fantasy

Page Count: 274 Pages


The opening salvo in a new adventure across the afterlife, LEVIATHAN is the story of FBI agent Ramona Knox. A top recruit fresh from Quantico, Ramona has advantages nobody else shares- including visits from a man who calls himself Death, appearing at crucial moments throughout her life.

As the fledgling agent finds herself investigating a heinous string of child abductions which has rocked the Capitol, and its mysterious mastermind Jordan West; Ramona will have to rely on every instinct and bit of guidance from a celestial being nobody else sees, to survive a case in which no one can be trusted to do the right thing- not even Death himself.

Zach's Review:


What a ride! This is a great thriller, much like a America’s Most Wanted story meets Supernatural and Constantine with a strong female lead!
I would lightly recommend reading Olivia and Hale first (even of just the last book). However it’s not really necessary since this can stand on its own. Looking forward to follow ups in this series or anything related.

Jess' Review:


Follow the life of Ramona Knox, FBI Agent rookie. She thinks she’s heartless. She thinks she’s cold. Her only friend is Death. And he’s not really a guy you can sit down and have a chat with. She’s handed the most important case the FBI has… and she’s brand new. Her Director and her Quantico mentor have faith in her. Her new partner? Not so much. As she works hard to solve the case and make an impression on her partner, she runs into a whole lot of trouble. And more questions. She’s a good agent, great detective and yes, kind of cold. But as dark as the book is, it’s something that could definitely happen, maybe has happened, in history. It’s gritty and action filled and terrifying because of the realness of the situations she becomes entangled in. And though it’s not the type of fantasy I normally read, I’m SO glad I gave it a chance. It was well worth the sleepless nights (due to me not wanting to stop reading)!

Sabetha's Review:


​ This book has well laid out characters, each have a purpose, and depth, with unique traits. Loved the flow of this story, all the surprises, and twist keep me reading. Didn’t get anything done today because I couldn’t put this book down. I felt the main characters pain through out this book and loved her view on life, death and duty. There were a few points that I was teary eyed, and willing the words to be read faster so I could uncover more of the story quicker.​

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