Book Review – I Still Have a Soul by Kelly Blanchard

I Still Have a Soul
by Kelly Blanchard
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: No
Publication Date: 10.14.2016

New Adult Fantasy
Dragons & Mythical Creatures

Page Count: 434 Pages


What if humanity was a classification given to some but not others?

Former assassin Vixen finds herself in the middle of a war concealed as an elaborate game, broadcasted for the entertainment of the people. As she fights for the freedom of the Guardians, human soldiers who were raised under the impression that they are not human, Vixen finds herself hunted by one she considered a friend—Prince Lorrek.

With an order to kill Vixen, Lorrek steps into the battlefield where medieval warfare and magic strives against highly advanced technology. Except, he doesn’t realize who Vixen was to him.

Will Lorrek remember before it is too late? And will the Guardians win the right to be classified as human once and for all?

Zach's Review:


A fantastic follow up in the series.

For starters, there was very detailed and lengthy fight scenes and battles in this book, they really stressed me out at times! There’s further exploration into the other kingdoms, a plethora of new in-depth characters and a great amount of detail, and immense unpredictability.

Kelly leaves several items half answered or where you’re unsure what the outcome will be, I’ll have to pick up the next book right away to know more! Much like the first book, this felt like a George RR Martin and Brent Weeks collaboration, but with a touch of Hunger Games and dark themes included as well.

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