Book Review – Do You Trust Me? by Kelly Blanchard

Do You Trust Me?
by Kelly Blanchard
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: No
Publication Date: 1.12.2018

Sword & Sorcery

Epic Fantasy
New Adult & College Fantasy

Page Count: 374 Pages


If you had to choose between saving the woman that you love and saving the entire magic realm, which would you choose?

After his encounter with the Anicocina, nightmares plague Lorrek. He soon realizes they aren’t merely nightmares but rather memories of a specific woman whose existence had been erased from his memory. To learn why she had been erased and what happened, Lorrek goes into the magic realm to view events of his own past. He discovers that the woman was his first true love and that she was involved in an assassination plot—the result of which had a disturbing ripple effect on Lorrek’s own life. When she is suddenly wiped from existence, Lorrek learns that she is still alive but stuck in the magic realm, hounded by a virus which has the potential to destroy all magic.

To save her, he must travel further into the past to unlock secrets of the magic realm to find a way to destroy the virus, but what if she’s the only way to destroy the virus?

‘Do You Trust Me?’ is a fourth book in the captivating fantasy and science fiction series, Chronicles of Lorrek. If you like a different take on time travel, assassination plots, much magical lore, and seeing the younger versions of the characters, you will want to pick up the fourth book in Kelly Blanchard’s fascinating series.

Zach's Review:


A great peek into previous events within the Chronicles of Lorrek, but still showing progress in the main story line. Amazing new explorations of how to problem solve using magic, there was a great deal of intense scenes and elements that surprised me and immersed me completely .
Also, this was the most detailed romance in the series so far. I can be pretty picky for romance, but this was done quite well.

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