Author Interview: SF Benson

SF Benson

Must Read by this Author:

Secrets come in all shapes and sizes, but this one fits in the palm of your hand.

Tru’s seventeenth birthday is approaching, and she has a decision to make. She can receive a vaccine that will end her creativity. Or, she can help Zared, a boy from her past, expose government secrets—the ones on a SIM card she’s holding. Both choices are risky. Both choices come with consequences. Either way, she has ten days to decide.

Tru can put her faith in Zared—he’s harboring secrets of his own. But life in New Detroit requires more than hope.

Don’t miss this gripping first book in the Alliance Chronicles—a suspenseful, post-apocalyptic thriller about Tru Shepard’s fight against a corrupt government.

  • Where are your books sold?
  • Which book of yours should someone reading this buy first?
    • Good question. I’m in a paranormal mood at the moment. So read Cursed Hearts (my supernatural take on Romeo and Juliet).
  • Describe your perfect day.
    • A day where I have nothing to do but write or read.
  • Coffee or Tea?
    • Coffee, black please.
  • Describe your writing routine.
    • I write daily from about 12 noon to 6 p.m. Sometimes I’ll take the weekends off.
  • How many books do you try and read a year?
    • A minimum of 50. I did read over 100 last year.
  • What genre do you write in?
    • YA/NA Dystopian and Paranormal
  • What genre would you like to write in one day?
    • Suspense
  • Do you read your book reviews? How do you process them, good vs. bad. Do you give some more weight than others? Like Amazon vs. Goodreads reviews.
    • I try not to read them. When I first published, I was reading them. Then I ran across the one person my book didn’t resonate with. It bothered me for days. Then I realized every book is not for every person. So now I just look to see if I have a new review. If I’m in a good place, I’ll read it. If not, I’ll put it to the side. I don’t weigh one review over another. It really only matters that my books get read.
  • Does your family support your career as a writer?
    • Yes
  • What is your favorite Character you’ve written?
    • That’s a hard one. Probably Colton Najex from Finding Me (coming in 2018).
  • How long were you a part-time writer before you became a full-time one?
    • I went straight into being a full-time author because I was between jobs. My husband thought it was time for me to do what I truly wanted in life so, I gave up the job search and started writing.
  • What does literary success look like to you?
    • People know me and my books. I have other authors wanting to work with me.
  • How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?
    • I have five drafted for next year. They’re just waiting revising and editing. I do have one unpublished (coming out next month under another name in an adult genre).
  • What is your patronus / Howarts House / Ilvermorny House?
    • My Hogwarts House is Slytherin. My patronus is snow leopard. My Ilvermorny House is Pukwudgie
  • Advice for new Authors: What’s the best way to market your books?
    • Keep track of whatever you do and stay consistent! Two problem areas for me.
  • If you couldn’t be an author, what would your ideal career be?
    • It would need to be creative. Maybe in art or graphic design.
  • Do you Indie Publish or Traditional Publish? Explain if you’d like.
    • Indie Publish because I like to keep control of the finished product. But I’d definitely consider a traditionally published deal with a minimal contract.

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