Author Interview: N.A. Le Brun

N. A. Le Brun

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Between 1972 and 1993 the Global Sector Council forced single mothers to have abortions.When those babies were aborted, their souls were stolen and attached to lab made children. Those children, together with a group known as the Rebellion are now fighting back. Freya ‘Freddie’ Faith Raner takes us on a whirlwind adventure as she and her soul sister search for their soul mother, look to over throw the global government, and make friends, and enemies, along the way.

A dystopian novel set in a parallel universe which split from our own timeline in the aftermath of the Second World War. Utopia isn’t all that it seems, in a world where religion has been abolished, LGBT people have rights the world over, and food, shelter, and education are taken as given.

  • Where are your books sold?
  • Describe your perfect day.
    • A good breakfast, some quiet time reading, a few hours of work sat by the pool before it gets too warm, then lunch and time with my two favourite people and a dog, before a meal and time in nature as the day begins to cool off.
  • Coffee or Tea?
    • Both. Coffee to fuel the mind, tea to relax
  • Describe your writing routine.
    • Get up, have breakfast, make sure I’ve got coffee and water next to me and write. Sometimes I go and sit in a coffee shop.
  • How many books do you try and read a year?
    • I try and read upwards of 25 if I can
  • What genre do you write in?
    • Sci-Fi/Dystopian at the moment although branching into Fantasy soon, hopefully
  • What genre would you like to write in one day?
    • Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • Do you read your book reviews? How do you process them, good vs. bad. Do you give some more weight than others? Like Amazon vs. Goodreads reviews.
    • I read them all, taking the good with the bad. Sometimes the bad give me advice on what to think about when writing the next one. But I also know that not every book is going to be everyone’s cup of tea. And as I write characters to specifically appeal to the LGBT community, it can be a tough call sometimes as to whether or not they’ll be liked.
  • Does your family support your career as a writer?
    • Yes
  • What is your favorite Character you’ve written?
    • Dr. Enid Carson in The Stolen Generation
  • What does literary success look like to you?
    • Reaching one person, giving them a character they can recognize themselves in. Helping to change the views of the majority, and causing people to think. Success doesn’t necessarily mean money, I mean sure it would be nice, but it’s not the be all and end all.
  • How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?
    • More than I can count. They’re spread across back up disks all over my home.
  • What is your patronus / Howarts House / Ilvermorny House?
    • Borzoi/Ravenclaw/Pukwudgie
  • Advice for new Authors: What’s the best way to market your books?
    • If you work this out, let me know
  • If you couldn’t be an author, what would your ideal career be?
    • Artist
  • Do you Indie Publish or Traditional Publish? Explain if you’d like.
    • Indie publish, I have more control over what I’m doing, how often I produce work, and with chronic pain conditions, I feel less guilty if I have to skip time to look after my health.

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