New Release: Archamethyst’s Secret

Archamethyst’s Secret
Academy, Book 2
Series: Chronicles of the Seventh Realm, Book 6

Book Synopsis:

An orphaned boy, uncontrollable magic, and a quest to save a nation’s honor.
Isolated from the other pupils, Ren is left with only a crazy old sorcerer for company. The Archamethyst may be the strongest sorcerer alive, but he hasn’t a clue how to guide a lonely teenager.

With the Amethyst Council up in arms about the Onyx Nation, the Archamethyst struggles to properly instruct Ren, as is expected of him as a mentor.

It looks like Ren may lose his mentor, while the other pupils are all off experiencing the wonders the island has to offer.

How will Ren become a full-fledged sorcerer if he can’t get his mentor to guide him?

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Jess' Review:


I need a drooling emoji for this book review! It is the best yet! So many questions answered. Some of them from previous books, but some of them are still left for the next book (or so). I really can’t wait! Ren’s the Archamethyst’s apprentice now. And against many of the council’s wishes, it seems he becomes privy to a few secrets as well. But we get to be privy to more than Ren does. The end of the book leaves us at a bit of a cliffhanger, but also leaves me excited to see what will happen next.

Series Synopsis:
Chronicles of the Seventh Realm, is a broad story consisting of multiple point of voice characters, as they struggle to discover the Truth about their world, Fencura. A distant world, divided by power, magic, and technology. The citizens are doing their best to survive, unaware of the horrors lurking overhead. For fans of epic fantasies who want to see the genre pushed beyond the scopes of medieval Europe. Each bitesize epic book, captures the story of a key figure in the world of Fencura. Saved for prosperity by the chronicler.

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