New Release: Apprentice’s Library

Apprentices’ Library
Academy, Book 1
Series: Chronicles of the Seventh Realm, Book 5

Book Synopsis:

An orphaned boy, uncontrollable magic, and a destiny to recover a nation’s honor.

Ren has passed the trial to become an apprentice sorcerer, along with four others. Together they must adapt to life on the floating city, that is the Amethyst Nation.

Alongside Ren is Shaya, the twins form the Emerald Nation: Abaze and Adaku, and a young boy from the heart of the Ruby Nation: Goban. They’re forced to work together as a team if they want to advance, but each apprentice has something holding them back. Their instructor isn’t helpful, and would rather be anywhere else.

It falls upon Ren and Goban to lead the class through their group test. If they fail, Ren’s hopes for becoming a sorcerer will disappear.

Jess' Review:


Oh. My. Goodness. Twist at the end! Smashingly successful installment in the series! But first, let me begin at the beginning. Ren has been accepted in the Amethyst Nation as an apprentice sorcerer and he is excited and anxious to start his new life. Now, with the other apprentices, he begins to study magic and the how’s and why’s. But his tablet no longer works and he realizes without it, he is quickly falling behind in his reading. And as they are told that they will be judged individually and as a team, Ren realizes he is holding his team back. When he realizes this, he really starts to grow. And he sees things in his fellow apprentices he had missed before. The bond between some of them grows as the bond between others loses strength. There is growth in all the apprentices by the end of the book and it is so amazing to watch it all come together. It’s a quick read, but I sped through it because of the story. It’s so well written and really draws you in. I am so excited to read the next book!

Manda's Review:


A great continuation

This series keeps getting better. This is the fourth installment in Ren’s tale, and it picks up where the last ended.

Ren finds himself as an apprentice in the Amethyst Nation’s sorcery school. We find the five students getting acquainted with each other and their new surroundings. The main purpose is to be taught and tested so that they can be chosen by a Sorcerer to be their pupil.

It is apparent right away that Ren is falling behind in his studies, but his new friends are right there to help him. I really enjoyed getting to know the characters better through this story. It was amazing to get to watch how they grew not only as individuals but as a group as well.

This is such a good story that I found myself cheering out loud at the ending. I will leave that part for you to read for yourself, and hopefully you do the same. I would highly recommend this book, and the entire series. I am already impatiently waiting for the next one to see what happens to Ren and his friends

Zach's Review:


But what’s next? Worth the wait.

Joining the newest apprentices, this book really builds further foundations for the different nations socerer prospects within the Seven Realms. You get further insight into Ren’s personal shortcomings, meanwhile he builds meaningful friendships that give him support through his struggles. Lots of questions left suspended at the end, left me anticipating more background information on multiple characters and wondering not only what will come next, but what’s going on back in some of their home nations.

Series Synopsis:
Chronicles of the Seventh Realm, is a broad story consisting of multiple point of voice characters, as they struggle to discover the Truth about their world, Fencura. A distant world, divided by power, magic, and technology. The citizens are doing their best to survive, unaware of the horrors lurking overhead. For fans of epic fantasies who want to see the genre pushed beyond the scopes of medieval Europe. Each bitesize epic book, captures the story of a key figure in the world of Fencura. Saved for prosperity by the chronicler.

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