New Release: Alchemy Trials

Alchemy Trials
Miniseries: Aether Walker, Book 3
Series: Chronicles of the Seventh Realm, Book 10

Book Synopsis:

A city infiltrated by monsters and a conspiracy cover-up…

Before Blake was fighting Aether Walkers beside Kandice, he was trapped within a psychiatric hospital.
Follow him through his darkest hours, as he struggles to maintain his sanity.
Buy Alchemy Trials today to learn how Blake survived and became the man he is today!

Series Synopsis:
Chronicles of the Seventh Realm, is a broad story consisting of multiple point of voice characters, as they struggle to discover the Truth about their world, Fencura. A distant world, divided by power, magic, and technology. The citizens are doing their best to survive, unaware of the horrors lurking overhead. For fans of epic fantasies who want to see the genre pushed beyond the scopes of medieval Europe. Each bitesize epic book, captures the story of a key figure in the world of Fencura. Saved for prosperity by the unnamed chronicler.

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