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Caffeinated Fantasy Magazine

Our newest project will have the first sample issue published on September 1st! Due to the nature of indie publishing we are going to be running the magazine a month behind. This means that the September 1st issue will contain new release content from August 1st – August 31st. 

We’ve love to add you as a content creator! If you have a monthly column idea you want to pitch, or just a specific article, fill out the submission form and let us know! 

Here are some base ideas of what we are looking to include in the magazine each month.

  • Lists

    We love lists! Do you have a top 6 must buys for the fantasy reader in your life, or 9 decor items to finish off your library, send it to us!

  • Writer Articles

    We are aiming at 1 - 2 articles a month that are geared towards writers of fantasy. If you have a topic that you are knowledgeable in please submit it. With these articles we ask that you also submit your credentials as we will be fact checking and verifying the content.

  • Author Spotlights

    Instead of doing normal interviews, we'd love you to pen an article about what caffeinated drink (or not lol) drives you while writing. Or if your world features a caffeinated drink, give us the recipe! We will add your bio & book links to the end of this article.

  • Fantasy Artwork

    If you are a creator of artwork, please contact us! We've love to spread your art with fantasy fans!

  • Caffeinated Aricles

    Anything caffeine related, we'd love to read it! From history articles, to caffeine that appears in books, or recipes and pairings.

  • Fantasy Related Articles

    There is a huge range for articles on general fantasy, from discussing tropes to specific authors or works. The history of elves, or unicorns in media, or whatever else in fantasy interests you. This could be a monthly reoccurring column!

  • TV-Movies-Media Articles

    Want to discuss fan theory, or rave about your new favorite media? We've love to hear about your recommendations.

  • New Release Book Reivews

    Did you read a new release and think the world should know about it? If it's fantasy or scifi, and not main plot romance submit it for publication!

  • Short Stories, Poems & Fiction

    We want to features as many fantasy fiction pieces as we can, if you write anything that is within any sub-genre of fantasy and low - no romance please submit! We do not have a cut off word count at this time.

Write Blog Articles

By submitting an article, you understand it will go through our editors (and may be edited for clarity purposes) before being posted. Not all articles submitted will be accepted, but we will notify you either way.

The topics below are only suggestions, we are open to all topics that fall within our theme. These articles are not posted on a schedule, and can take 2 – 4 weeks to process, so please be patient. 

  • Short Stories

    When considering short stories, we require they be Fantasy and SciFi (including all sub-genres). We do not accept romance centric stories, please don't submit any. If you are unsure how the prevalent the romance in your story is, imagine the story without the romance, does it still work as a story? If it doesn't, then it is a romance centric story.

  • Lists

    From "21 Items Every Author Must Own" to "32 Fantasy Books to Read Before You're 32" we love lists! If you have an idea for a list post, make sure it is not ending in a 5 or a 0 (i.e. 10, 25, 15 etc) and has at least 21 items on it. We will do all the linking, and formatting for you!

  • Articles

    We accepts articles that are geared towards Readers or Writers of Fantasy and SciFi. We will consider any idea, so if you are unsure, feel free to submit it anyways.

Topic Suggestions:

  • xx Perfect Gifts for any Fantasy Reader
  • 9 Must Read Articles on Book Marketing
  • More Ideas Coming Soon!

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  • Book Spotlight

    This post will consist of a synopsis of your book, and any one of the following:

    - release date information
    - author interview
    - Sneak Peak Chapter
    - Sale / Promo Information

  • Product / Book Review

    By purchasing a sponsored review post, you are purchasing the date slot for the post, and social media coverage. We review all products/books for free, and give thorough honest feedback. To receive a free review, with no guarantee, read our policies here.


At this time we do not pay blog post writers for their submissions. However, we do make sure each article contains visible and easy to navigate information about the author. 

We do pay for all Caffeinated Fantasy articles, the rate varies based on many factors, and comes with a contract. Each article contains visible and easy to navigate information about the author.

You own the rights to what you submit to be published on our site. However, we ask that you not submit the same article to multiple sites. Instead of submitting to multiple sites, share the article once published wide and far. This will help you and the site you published on grow.

Feel free to submit articles you’ve published on your own blog/website. Link us to where it was published on your site, and we’ll back link it in the article.

Yes, we encourage links to relevant information. Articles discussing facts, or ideas are required to site sources, if we find these links to be missing we will contact you regarding it before publication. If your links are to products on Amazon we will replace them with our affiliate links. 

If you have any questions feel free to email us before submitting at aconitecafe@gmail.com